What I would like to do with the right female - #2  

alittlelonger2 61M
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8/3/2006 8:57 pm
What I would like to do with the right female - #2

2.) I get out the toys...a butt plug, anal dildo, a small vibrator and a huge vibrating dildo...I make you sit in front of the television and put on a gangbang video...I tie your hands behind your head...your breasts stick straight out...your nipples are very hard. I spread your legs and put restraints around your ankles and tie your legs and ankles together..spreading you wide open...I begin to slap your breasts and pussy softly stopping to message them ....taking your juices onto my fingers and sticking them into your mouth....I turn on our webcam so that everyone can see how I am going to use all your holes and make you cum like the submissive slut that your are...I put lubrication on your pussy lips and slide my fingers in all the way and stick my cock in your mouth...and begin to fuck your pussy and mouth...telling everyone what a cock whore you are...my cum slut...anal fuck toy...I beat my hard cock against your face....and grab the small vibrator and put it on your clit...you moan and begin to grind your hips against it....then I take the large vibrating dildo and slowly begin to message your pussy lips and slide in in all the way...You throw your head back and let out a load moan...saying please fuck me....I tie the vibrating dildo in your pussy so it can not come out and begin to lube your tight little asshole....then begin to slide the butt plug in and out slowly....you asshole begins to relax and slowly becomes larger and larger.....I take the large black anal dildo and slide in slowly in and out of your now wide open asshole...I tie it off and leave it in as well...Now it's time to fuck your mouth and make me cum...I take my hard cock and stick in your mouth....you lick and suck it eagerly....then I grab the back of your head and hair and begin to fuck your throat...you gag....and spit all over...I say swallow my cock you whore...and begin to fuck your mouth again...you can't move at all...your pussy and asshole are full and vibrating...I slam my hard cock into your mouth...forcing my cock deep into your throat and I shoot a huge load of hot cum down your throat and all over your face


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