All the basics about me  

alittlekinkyfun 47M
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3/22/2006 8:23 am

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9/9/2010 3:46 pm

All the basics about me

Thanks to everyone that responded to my add. I appreciate all the comments on it's originality and I'm happy I could make a you laugh.

First, I'm not 5 ft tall or fat, my hair is not mult-colored. I'm the average all american guy. When I travel, it seems like it doesn't matter where I go someone thinks they know me from somewhere. I even started to believe I had been cloned it happened so much.

I like to have fun. For many years my hobbies were riding my sport bike (very fast, there's nothing like seeing how low I can get my bike in a corner), I also play softball, ski, ride wave runners go boating and I am somewhat of a thrill seeker (although I have toned it down a bit) but what I enjoy most is spending my time with my two children who are getting ready to turn 12 and 10 (1 girl and 1 boy). I also enjoy attending there activities and I like to coach youth sports. My children are without a doubt what's most important to me in this world.

I have been divorce for 5 years now and don't get to see my children as much as I would like.

I ended up selling our house and starting a business, which is in it's infancy stage right now. My company sells content/document management solutions to businesses and the government.

I have put all my money into starting this business and to save money I have temporarily moved into my parents house. Luckily for me my parents are well off and have a very nice house. I live upstairs in a 1800 sq. ft apartment with three bedrooms, living room and my office. We have a nice pool and a jacuzzi, and a putting green. We also have a nice house in OC, with a wave runner and boat.

There is a lot more I will put up at a later time, thanks for reading and I'm sure if anyone really wanted to know me this gives you an idea of what I'm about.

softbllgrl 53F
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3/24/2007 5:49 pm

well when shall we meet? you sound perfect!!!!!!!

rm_Makitwet 49M

3/29/2007 12:28 pm

You are lucky to have the wisdom to get out with the shirt on your back, and star your own company. Concentrate on Gov'nt contracts. They pay very well.

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