Boy did I ever get surprised at my age!  

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7/9/2005 11:27 am

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Boy did I ever get surprised at my age!

How many people have heard of gynecomastia? Yes, it is very common, but a lot of people never heard of it. Although they never heard of it, once told what it is, a lot of people know men who have had it.

Teenagers get it, but it tends to go away. But when older men get it, it usually doesn't go away without having surgery. It is when breasts develope in men, or teenagers.

Teens tend to have it go away, because their testosterone is building up and it phases it out. But older men at age 50 and older, their testosterone levels tend to decrease and could cause breasts to start growing. There is a list of other things that cause it also.

Men, what would you think if this happened to you? And women, what would run through your mind if this happened to your man or man friend? It has happened to me. Luckily my wife is taking it okay.

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