Here's a little insight...  

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2/16/2006 11:50 pm

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Here's a little insight...

So, tonight a friend and I got on the subject of a fantasy that I have. Thought I would post it on here. Hope you enjoy!

Alex: you meet me and knock me down onto my knees, tell me im a dirty slut and shove your cock into my mouth and tell me to suck it like the dirty cock slut i am
Alex: you like that?
HIM: yes
Alex: so you make me suck your cock and take it all in my mouth, you fuck my face and grab my head by my hair and fuck my face hard and fast and i start gagging on your big cock
HIM: i would love to do that
Alex: yeah, and then i want you to pull my hair and make me take your cock out of my mouth, tell me to lay down on my stomach across your lap, then you start spanking me for gagging on your cock and not being able to take it all in
HIM: wow tell me mroe
Alex: so you spank my ass with your hands and make my cheeks bright red and then you start rubbing your fingers on my pussy and tell me what a dirty slut i am because im already really dripping wet from the spanking
HIM: im really liking this keep going
Alex: you slap me on the ass one more time and then throw me onto the bed on my back, and start biting on my nipples
HIM: i actually am going to do that when i go there
Alex: after you start making me scream from biting my nipples you take out some clothes pins and use them as nipple clamps
Alex: you also put some clothes pins on my clit and pussy lips, pull on the clothes pins and tell me im a dirty whore
HIM: more baby tell me more
Alex: on the bed, you make me stretch out my arms and legs, and tie me down
HIM: nice nice
Alex: then you get ontop of me and rub me all over my tits and stomach with your cock, slapping my tits with your cock, pulling on my nipples
HIM: ohhh
Alex: you keep playing with my tits and clit with the clothes pins and after a while you ask me if i want you to fuck me, i say yes, and you tell me to beg for your cock
Alex: so i start begging, telling you that im a dirty whore and i want your big cock sooooooo bad, that im so wet for you
HIM: and then i will put my big cock inside of you
Alex: yes, you ram your big cock into my wet pussy and grab onto my poor abused nipples, start twisting them and biting on them
Alex: you make me scream and scream and moan while you ram your big cock into my tight pussy and you tell me what a dirty slut i am
HIM: i like that especially since your roomates are not going to be ther i can fuck you as hard as i want to
Alex: you pull on my hair and spank me, untie my legs and put them up on your shoulders, fold me in half and fuck me harder and harder
HIM: oh yeah i will you know how big i am it will hurt
HIM: i wanna hurt that slutty pussy
Alex: i want you to make me cum hard, and then i want you to punish me for it
HIM: how?
Alex: youre gonna make me cum and tell me im a bad slut, youre going to sit me down on your cock facing away from you, and youre going to make me ride you hard and fast. while im riding ontop of you, youre going to spank my ass and pull and twist my nipples hard, yank my hair
Alex: just when im about to cum again youre going to pull me off your cock and youre gonna grab me by the hair and ram your cock back into my mouth
HIM: i wont let you cum sounds good
HIM: lol
HIM: i will cum in your mouth
Alex: i want you to cum all over me and i want you to tell me what a dirty slut i am
HIM: you are a dirty stlut
Alex: so you like my fantasy?
HIM: oh yeah i am gong to definetly fulfill if if you want to
Alex: id like that very much
HIM: got clothes pins?
Alex: nope, but i think one of my roommates does, otherwise im going to go buy some
HIM: anything you want
Alex: so did i make you really hard
HIM: yes
HIM: you did
Alex: are you jacking off?
HIM: yes i didnt want you to stop
HIM: tell me another one
Alex: okay, i'll keep going with the one i've been talking about
HIM: ok
Alex: so i lick up all of your cum off of your cock and you tell me to turn around , on all fours so that my ass is wiggling infront of you
Alex: with one hand you start spanking my ass, and with the other you put two fingers into my dripping wet pussy
HIM: hmmm
Alex: you finger me and rub my clit for a couple of minutes, still making my bottom throb with pain and your whole hand gets drenched in my juices
Alex: then you take a cum covered finger and slowly work it into my tight asshole, and i protest and beg you not to do it. you reach up and pull my hair, pulling my body harder back onto your fingers
Alex: you take that finger and push it in and out of my ass slowly, and then start picking up the pace
Alex: with the other hand you spank my pussy and ass alternately
HIM: oh yeah im liking this alot
Alex: then you push another finger into my asshole, and move those two fingers apart and start stretching my asshole open little by little
Alex: you keep pushing your fingers in and out of my ass slowly, telling me what a whore i am, how youre gonna fill every hole of mine with your cock and make me drip with your cum from every hole
HIM: im definetly going to do that
Alex: after a while you stop spanking me and push a third finger into my ass, wiggling your fingers around in there, making it relaxed and loose
HIM: oh yeah
Alex: with your free hand you grab my hair and start yanking it, remove your fingers from my ass and start slowly rubbing your cockhead against my asshole
HIM: hmm i would love to do that keep going i lie where there is going
Alex: you push my head onto the ground and have my ass stick up straight in the air, grab my hips with your hands tight and slowly push the tip of your cock into my asshole
Alex: and i SCREAM soooooo loud
HIM: oh yeah i like that now what?
HIM: put it in slowly
Alex: in one hand you grab my hair and pull my head back, with the other hand you slap my ass hard and tell me to shut my fucking mouth
HIM: yeah take it you dirlty lil slut
Alex: then you start slowly ramming your cock in and out of my ass, you reach around and grab my tits, rolling my nipples between your fingers and pulling on them

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