Best young student - My Dreams  

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5/17/2005 3:40 pm

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Best young student - My Dreams

Here I am a young curious student boy from Finland,though I'hve lived most of my life in Sweden. Am writing this blog to see if there are any other ppl that share my dreams and interests.
And ofcourse if there are any women that likes young student boys.

Well I guess am just like any type of boy that likes sex,parties,girls,music,travelling,sports and the usual stuff,whatever that is. Ever since I was a teenie boy I have had so many sexual fantasies that I now think its time to gets some reality in them.

So what are my dreams and fantasies about?
-I have dreamed of sex with women from all around the world. I think sex is diffent all over the world. So before I die I Would like to have sex with many types of girls and from diffrent countries.
-I also feel huge attraction to mature women between 30-40 years. It might sound strange but that something realy would turn me on. I realy think a mature woman good please me.
-SeX with 2 girls at same time is something I think every boy dreams of. And I Deffinetly gonna try that some time. Like sex with black and white or white+asian or black+asian women is something I would love to do.

So that is simple all am thinking of when I go to bed. . I cant wait for the day one of those dreams come true, til then I will just keep myself in shape and work hard.

Ps. Feel free respond

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