Misc. Ramblings....  

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9/4/2006 7:35 pm

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10/3/2006 11:03 pm

Misc. Ramblings....

Well, just a few interesting thoughts I wanted to post real quick....

First, realized I shouldn't offer to publish details without asking the third party. No, nothing was said but, since I named a screen name, should check with that person first. Good etiquette I think.

Second, wife thinks we should load more photos. I would love to. It is fun taking them We have some great video but must be careful about discreet. Have some that is silhouette of the wife giving a great BJ. I think I might be able to post but not very long. Have to work on that too. Any thoughts on that? We have had some nice votes on our pics but nothing recently, so not sure if anyone cares. What do YOU think?

Third, our schedule is pretty broken up as far as availablity because of kids and family, so that damn monthly thing puts a cramp in the schedule (pun intended!) It never stops us, so it makes me wonder if there are others who don't freak out over it and figure that a period ends the sexual sentence until it goes away? Certainly it changes things, but doesn't seem to banish it. I know my wife seems to become very sexual during hers.... Hmm, any thoughts? Feedback?

Fourth, the new Benefits of Membership gal. What do you think? The old one was a sexy brunette in black under wear. Very hot. This new one is cute, but not sure how sexy. Anyone else think we need a hotter pic?

Ok, well, again, just some misc ramblings. Hope everyone is indulging in their personal pleasures to a happy extent. Hope to hear from ya!

Tall1forU 49M

9/13/2006 10:31 am

i enjoyed reading your blog and if you are ever in the market for another great guy in town please feel free to let me know..Since you are a gold member you can email me here..I am tall, athletic, handsome, love couples and am just a nice guy to be around, or so im told hehe..anyways feel free to contact me if you like and thanks

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