Her Wet Golden Bush.  

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4/25/2005 10:12 pm

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Her Wet Golden Bush.

this is the conclusion of the Busty Blonde with the Beautiful Bush story. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you like it, and I'll write some more.. or if it sucks.. I'll stay away from it all together.. lol...

Maria kissed me deeply. I could taste myself in her mouth. Her pussy was hot against my stomach, I could feel her wetness.
She was on fire, and it was turning me on. My cock started to ache again, and I knew I had to feel her.
But first I had to taste her. With one hand I cupped her firm ass and squeezed, while my other hand pulled her tightly against my body. My fingers found her wet slit and started working their way deeper into her. she moaned loudly as I slipped one into her pussy. She was soaking wet.
I pulled out my finger and sucked off her juice, it was delicious. I had to taste her now. I rolled her onto her back and started working my way down.
Her breasts were large and firm, her eraser tipped nipples standing at full attention. They were begging to be nibbled, licked, sucked and squeezed. I took one breast in my hand, gently squeezing it while alternately sucking, licking, blowing on (after licking), and nibbling her areola and nipple. Her moans told me all I needed to hear.
My other hand moved down, brushing across her flat stomach which caused her to catch her breath. My index finger and middle finger rubbed up and down her swollen pussy lips. Gently teasing her clit when they were at the top, and slightly probing her hole, when they were by her moist entrance.
Maria cried out, 'Quit it, I need it now.' and with that she grabbed my head and pulled me down to her pussy. Maria was on fire, and I had to deliver the goods. She couldn't wait any longer. Her body ached to feel my mouth. She had to find release.
With my hands I gently pulled her lips apart and slid my tongue into her hot, wet slit. She was soaked, my face was already covered in her juice. Her glistening lips reflected the moonlight, and our passion. There was no time for teasing, she needed it now.
I ravaged her pussy with my tongue, sliding up and down, around her clit and into her hole. I slipped a lip into my mouth and tried to suck off all of her juice. Her back arched uncontrollably, and her hands tightened their grip on my head. I could feel her nails digging in, and it turned me on. I moved one hand above her clit and pulled her lips back, and started encircling her special place with a flickering tongue.
With my other hand I took 2 fingers and started finger fucking her. Her pussy gripped my fingers and her loud moans let me know that she loved them. I placed my lips around her clit and gently sucked it into my mouth. Once inside I kept sucking it, while flicking my tongue all around. Her moans became shouts of ecstasy. My fingers inside her curved upwards, and I found her g-spot. With gentle rubbing it started to swell, and her legs started to shake.
I found a steady rhythm which she could concentrate on and kept sucking on her clit and rubbing her g-spot. Her moans, breathing, wetness and grip on my head told me all I needed to know.
Maria cried out, 'Don't stop!' and suddenly gripped my head ever harder and tried to pull my mouth as far into her pussy as she could. My fingers felt her trembling climax first. It started deep inside and erupted out of her with a throaty scream. Her hips were grinding into my face, while she fucked my fingers with all her might. By gripping my head and holding my mouth tight against her pussy I remained clamped down on her clit the entire time, even though her hips were lifting a good foot off the ground. My fingers were pressing against her g-spot. Her juices started pouring out of her pussing. I felt hot liquid squirt into my hungry mouth. She was flooding my mouth, I swallowed as much as I could, but I could feel it running down my chin. If it weren't for her hands holding my head in place, I wouldn't have been able to keep my tongue and mouth around her clit. Her spasms squeezed my fingers so tightly they started to hurt. I couldn't even open my eyes, or I would have lost concentration, and rhythm.
The gyrations lessened, and her hands pulled my head away from her sensitive place. My fingers kept massaging her g-spot, and as I opened my eyes to look at her my fingers felt the trembling start again. She pulled my head back onto her clit as my fingers brought her to a g-spot orgasm. My hand was covered in her wetness and my fingers were aching from her spasms. This time my tongue merely rubbed her clit, since it was already tweaked from her last orgasm. This time my tongue-work was merely to help make her g-spot orgasm more intense, and it was working.
Torwards the end of her spasms I could taste a little bit of juice dribble into my mouth.
Her body went limp, and her breaths were short and shallow. I wasn't going to let her off so easily, not after all this hard work.
I brought my face to hers and kissed her deeply. She savored the taste of my tongue, as I could tell she liked the way she tasted as much as I did. While I did this I brought the head of my cock and pressed it against her swollen, aching pussy. With all my force I embedded the full length of my 9 inch rock hard cock inside her womb. She caught her breath and her back arched uncontrollably. I started slowly pulling it almost all the way out, and then sliding it deep inside.
The tortured expression of uncontrolled pleasure told me that I was doing the right thing. I started picking up my pace as her body started responding to my thrusts. I watched myself penetrating her. Her pussy was beautiful, and with every thrust I watched it rise to meet my thrust. Maria's hand slipped down to her clit and she started rubbing herself.
This turned me on even more and my thrusts became quicker and more forceful. Once again I felt her spasms and watched her body lose its composure as another orgasm took control. My cock was being squeezed by a vice, and it caused me to thrust even harder. Maria's cries were enough reason to keep going and hold off my own impending orgasm.
As this orgasm quieted down, I rolled Maria over while my cock was still inside, and started pounding her doggy style. Her cries of pleasure and thrusts against my cock were all the encouragment I needed.
I gripped her hips and started pulling her onto my cock with each thrust. I was impaling her with my cock, and she loved every inch of it. The small of her back was beautiful, it was gleaming with the sweat of our unbridled passion. All I could smell was sex. All I could feel was her grip on my cock. I saw her hand slip between her legs, and I knew what was coming.
I let the sensation go unchecked, and just relished my building orgasm. As my balls tightened I felt her insides start to twinge, and heard her cry out. She was starting to cum again.
As her pussy flooded my cock I couldn't hold back any longer and started cumming deep inside her womb. I could feel the pulses of my ejactulation shooting inside her, while her pussy juices were dripping from my balls. Both of our bodies were quivering in orgasm. She knew I was cumming as I felt her fingers gently squeeze my balls.
After what seemed an eternity we gained control of our bodies. The spasms started to lessen in intensity. I left myself inside her and let her spasms drain my cock fully of its seed.
The night was still young, and we had all the time in the world. No reason to take it out of her, we weren't going anywhere soon.

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5/29/2005 8:18 am

Great story, a similer thing hapened to me a long time ago only not quite so intense, but reading this had brought back some great memories (she had great mamories too)

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