Straight? - Gay? - Bi? - Curious?  

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Straight? - Gay? - Bi? - Curious?

Since even before I began to awaken sexually, I have been attracted to women. I generally feel very comfortable in their company and have a quiet confidence about that that seems to help them to be at ease around me. I'm also a flirt, and can be charming, and like to be.

When I was a young boy, I knew that many men found me attractive. My father had died when I was 7 and I enjoyed this attention. But it would be unfair to say that I was sexually abused or damaged - I was molested and got quite used to people trying to feel me up, but I don't think I suffered any harm or permanent damage.

Over the next few years after puberty, I had several gay sex experiences, all with boys in and around my own age, all basically exploring being horny, and none involving penetration.

At 15, I was almost 6' tall and looked older than I was and that summer I had sex for the first time with a 20 year girl who thought I was about 17/18.

Over the next few years, I was very fortunate to meet and have relationships with a wide range of girls and women and learned how to get pleasure from pleasing, among other things.

I also had a few gay experiences, incl anal sex, which I quite liked to give, but not to get. I think it's really a control issue - there are very few men I would trust not to hurt me with their cock in my ass and them wanting to "ride". Anal masturbation, by myself or with a female partner, I enjoy.

Joining this site has given me the opportunity to re-examine my preferences and re-explore my sexuality. I've had a great time masturbating online with male and female partners, I've stood on the cusp of meeting someone off the site, but "something suddenly came up" for them over the 2 1/2 days I was around.

So I'm happy to settle back and let the curiosity go because I know that while I am bi, and would enjoy sex with some men, the simple truth is that all other things being equal, given a choice of male or female, I choose female.

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