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5/30/2006 5:45 pm

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Inspired by [lustylesbodd]

I visited lustylesbodd post i LOVE sex where she's talking about wanting and needing sex.

Her last line is "Fuck me now"

This is my response:

Fuck me now she says, but it not quite so simple as that.
First, I need to spread the cheeks of her horny ass
And push my tongue in underneath her hole
Swipe! up across her perineum
And into the bottom of her pussy
Take a taste of that
And see how wet she is
Is it sticky-will-stay-wet-for-ages wet or else a watery wet that needs some saliva to make the stew?
And how swollen are her cunt lips?
If I turned her over, would her juice come running out?
And is her clit too sensitive to take even one more nip, one suck one push or pinch?
Is her hole inside gaping like a fish out of water, open close open close
And needing, having to have my cock to shape itself around?
If I push it in slowly
And tease her in and out, will she scream or shout, bite or hit me?
Fuck me now she says
I'll fuck her now.

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