last of this story????  

rm_alaskanight 39M
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6/28/2006 11:46 pm
last of this story????

you ride me for about fifteen to twenty more min. as you are pumping up and down I am still squeezing, rolling and sucking on you nipples. Not to hard but not really soft just enough to make you cum hard. As I was Cumming my movement makes me lose it and my cum over flows your pussy. I fall to your side. As I am laying there we have some small talk as we have a drink. I get a smile on my face as I am looking at you. You give me a funny look, and ask what? Are you ready for another round? You smile and ask what did I have in mind. You grab my hand and walk me to the bath room. you start the shower, you wanted to be hot but didn’t want it to burn. you love it when the bathroom steams up. you step into the shower and got all wet. I you wash as I stand there and watch. you could see that I liked the way you washed your self. you reached out for your hand. I took it and you pulled me into the shower. you wash me all over. We both washed off. I look at you and ask now what? you didn’t say a thing ,you just spread your legs, bend over and grab the side of the tub. you look over your shoulder and say what do you think? I walk over till I’m were behind you. I take a finger and play with your pussy. Running my fingers around your pussy lips. The in and out of your pussy hole. I did this for a long time till you could not take it any more. you were so wet, hot and horny. you asked me to fuck you. I gave out a little chuckle and said in time. I teased you with my fingers a little longer. Then I stuck just the tip of my cock into you and pulled it out and pushed it back in. in and out over and over till you were Cumming. I said see you knew you would like it this way. In one hard swift move I was deep inside of you. I pumped in and out of you. I was in heaven. All you said was “ YES OH GOD YES! “I didn’t say a word, but you looked back over your shoulder and you could see that I had a big grin on my face. Witch made you happy. Seeing the look on my face gave you this warm feeling inside I could not help but cum. I fucked you that way for an hour or so. you kept Cumming and Cumming. my legs were getting weak and the sweat was rolling off of both of us. I leaned over so that my chest was pressed to your back. With one hand I play with your clit and the other hand I play with your tit. You tell me to tell you when I’m about to cum. I ask why and you tell me that you wanted us to cum together. I keep fucking you; no one had ever been so deep in side of you in that way. you wanted to cum. I could feel it. But you were holding back. Then I said it I AM GOING TO CUM NOW. At the same time we both let go and we were Cumming together. It was the best feeling. I stood up and helped you up. We dry each other off. And head back to the bed with me flowing behind you. We get back in bed and kiss then drift off to sleep

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