The local Pub - KuuKuu  

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3/27/2005 8:46 am

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The local Pub - KuuKuu

I have gotten into the habit over the last several weeks of going into the local pub KuuKuu on Museokatu. Most times I have met someone interesting and had a very enjoyable time. Some of the people I have met include one of Finland's premier radio DJ's, a columnist for the largest paper in Scandanavia, a chef at the Savoy (5 star Helsinki restaurant), an architect, several software people, several musicians, actors, a private investor, etc.

To date I have been invited to Finnish dinners at 3 homes, to visit the homes of 4 different people, the use of 2 summer forest vacation cottages and a seaside vacation cottage. I have been given a tour of Helsinki bars by the entertainment columnist for the Helsinki paper, and had an excellent dinner at the Savoy (they were not going to let me in because I did not make a reservation until I mentioned the chef's name). Beware it is VERY expensive - but worth it. Just count on 150 euro a person.

I am thoroughly enjoying the friendliness of the Finns in general. Unfortunately this is not extending to the young ladies. Part of the problem is that there are not many single young ladies at KuuKuu - so I need to expand my horizons.

To all of you young beautiful Finnish women out there - if you want a wonderful time, fun, great sex, the potential for a 3some with another beautiful lady - here I am. Now I just need to quit writing about it and get out there and find them. Given the overwhelming friendliness and openness of the people I have met so far - the problem is not with the young ladies, it is with me.

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