Impressions of Finland  

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3/27/2005 12:50 am

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Impressions of Finland

I got to Finland 2 weeks ago - my first impression getting off the plane was one of amazement. I grabbed my bags from baggage claim, and looked at the signs - one sign for customs - Nothing to Declare. I followed where it pointed and I was immediately outside the airport at the taxi stand. I was amazed at the difference with the current paranoid state of the US, and how hard it is for non US citizens to travel there.

Sitting in a pub can either be a solitary experience or a very interesting one. Finns will not approach you or initiate a conversation. But if you act friendly, make the initial approach, they are more than willing to talk with someone who speaks only English - this includes women. I am having a very enjoyable time meeting and talking with people here.

Small talk is something the Finns don't practice. I sat next to a gentleman I had met previously at the neighborhood pub. I asked him how he was doing. Finns in generally seem to take this as a serious question. He explained to me in detail he was anxiously awaiting whether he would get a job he applied for, and his state of mind as he was waiting. Very refreshing compared to US small talk which is generally meaningless.

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