What is going on in the USA?  

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5/13/2006 10:45 am

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What is going on in the USA?

OK , since I just broke my no politics comment, this one is easier.

But again this is not promoting or degrading any political party, so please read before you flee.

What in the World is going on in the USA ?

We have the Greatest Country in the World, yes things are not perfect, but I truly feel our country is the greatest.

However I am trying to figure out what the F___
is going through the minds of members of the US Congress.

Not to long ago the U S Congress had hearings about steroid use by professional baseball players.

What the F____. HELLO there

With the real problems our country faces, the U S Congress decides they need to spend their time and our money investigating the steroid use in professional baseball.

Its a game, just a game.

Please read on before I get my butt kicked by the true and loyal baseball fans. I have nothing against baseball.

I know many people really enjoy playing and watching this game and my focus is not to ut down baseball but question the priorities of our elected leaders ( and yes this was elected members of the U S Congress from all political parties),

I personally hold no grudge about someone that can earn millions of dollars from playing a game. I will be the first to say if I was that talented I would love to do that, but back to my point.

We have senior citizens in our country who daily decide if they will buy food or their medication.

We have major energy problems that did not start overnight.

We have millions of Americans praying that no one in their families get hurt or sick because they cannot afford insurance or medication.

We have a middle class that is being taxed out the butt.

And I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Yes I feel we have the greatest country in the World. But yes we do have problems, many are not easy to solve , many may never be solved.

But how in the world are we going to solve these problems when the U S Congress continues to spin its wheels on things like steroid use in baseball. When they do this they have to know they are avoiding the real issues and problems of our great country.

Thank you for allowing me to vent.

I feel much better and yes I have contacted the members of the U S Congress from my state and let them know my views.

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