The Ride continued  

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The Ride continued

The Ride continued

A continuation of a previous post "The Ride"

A little bit lengthy bit of erotica but I hope you will enjoy. The first portion of "The Ride" previously posted is in red, the contituation is in blue


We have e-mailed back and forth and decided to meet. We are both a little nervous about meeting, wondering how things will go.

We decide to take a drive, to talk and find out more about each other interests.Things seem to be going well and we both can tell the other is relaxing. We chat and my hand drops onto your leg, I say sorry and move my hand off your leg. You respond no problem and move my hand back to your leg. We continue to chat and I am slowly rubbing your leg, ever so slightly with my fingertips.

Is it my imagination or do I see your legs slightly parting, I am not sure but I continue to rub your leg as we chat. I look again and this time I see you have shifted in your seat, your skirt has risen up and your legs are spread wider. You see me look and smile and we continue to chat. I continue to rub your leg, moving higher and higher up your leg as we chat. I look out of the corner of my eye at your breasts and I can tell your nipples are growing, getting stiff and erect as I continue to rub your leg.

I get bolder and move my fingers higher , you shift again, your skirt riding even higher and you smile. I now am rubbing your leg in circles, getting closer and closer to your pussy and I can see you smiling as I continue to rub. I can now feel your panties as I rub and soon I am rubbing little circles on top of your pussy slit. I hear you make a slight noise and ask if everything is OK, You answer just wonderful as I continue..

I can feel the heat radiated from your pussy as I continue to massage it, then I shift my fingers and my finger shifts below your panties and I can feel the warmth and wetness of your pussy on my finger. I trace your pussy slit up and down, feeling your heat.I notice that your panties are starting to become wet with your juices, your wonderful womanly smell feels the air You say just a minute, you smile and raise up and slide your panties down. I smile , a very big smiler and I return to rubbing your pussy.

You let out a slight moan as my finger enters your pussy, I say you OK? You reply by spreading your legs farther and say just wonderful. My finger can feel your warmth and your juice as I continue to massage your pussy with my fingers. I look over and see your eyes are closed, a smile on your face and you are massaging your breasts and nipples as I continue to explore your pussy with my fingers.

I love the feel of your hot wet pussy as my fingers pump in and out.Your pussy feels so slick, I can not wait to taste your juice, explore your pussy with my tongue and slide my cock slowly in to you. I can almost imagine how it will feel as my cock enters your pussy, pushing past your lips, inch by inch my cock feeling the heat and wetness of your pussy.Images of what will happen next are running through my mind, my cock is swelling thinking about what will happen.

I notice there is a turn off, and I take it pulling off behind some trees where we are blocked from view.

I stop my SUV and continue to massage your pussy, rubbing your clit with one hand as the other continues to pump into your pussy. I watch you as you continue to rub your breasts, mmmmmmmmm

Wonder what happens next?

We pull next to the trees, we can still see the highway and see the cars through the trees. I say crap, let me find another place and you say oh no this is just fine.

I lean over and kiss you, a long deep kiss as my finger continues to explore your pussy. I feel your wetness seeping from your pussy lips and I can't stand it any more, I pull out my finger and suck your juice from it. I notice you watching me and I finger your pussy a little more, as you lean over and start to massage my cock through my pants. I take my finger out of your pussy and bring my finger to your lips, you suck in my finger, licking off your juice from my finger.

You tell me to get out of the truck and come around to you. I quickly do some, and open your door. You have repositioned your self and as I open the door, I see your legs spread wide, your hot wet pussy seeping juice and I quickly bury my face between your legs, licking and sucking your pussy juice from your lips. I glance up and see you massaging your breasts and nipples, then you take a nipple into your mouth as I lick and then suck your clit into my mouth.

As I suck your clit , I use one then 2 fingers to explore your hot wet juicy pussy. I inhale your scent and bury my face deeper between your wide spread legs, my tongue pressing deep into your pussy. I feel you grab the back of my head and I pump my tongue into your pussy, using my tongue like a cock to fuck your pussy as you grind your pussy into my face. I hear you moaning calling my name and then your legs tighten , I pump my tongue fast and deep into you pussy as you cum

After you cum, you tell me you ave to see my cock. I step back a little and you step out of the truck, you lower yourself to your knees, and unbuckle my belt. I am watching as you unzip my pants and pull them down, you reach up and grab my boxers and pull them down.

My cock, quite aroused and erect pops out and you look into my eyes as your tongue darts out and licks the precum from my cockhead. You pull back and smile as you start to lick my cock shaft, licking he length up and down as I reach down and run my hands through your hair. You lick my cock shaft and as your fingers are gently playing with my balls, you suck my cock into your mouth. I moan and tell you, damn that feels so good, suck my cock please suck my cock.

I feel you suck my cock into your mouth as I moan, your tongue licking my cock as you move your head back and forth, sucking my cock in and out of your mouth as our eyes remained fixed on each other. I reach down and play with your breast as you take my cock deep into your mouth and then slide it almost back out and again plunge my cock into your mouth.

You pull your head back and say , stroke your cock for me as i notice your fingers are now buried in your pussy. I take my hand and start to stroke my cock, jacking my cock slowly at first, your tongue licking off more of my precum. As I stroke my cock you lick my cockhead still fingering your pussy. I love the sight of you fingering yourself as you watch me stroke faster and faster.

I guess you can see the look in my face as I stroke that I am close oh so close to cumming. You tell me cum , shoot your cum for me, I stroke just a few more times and my cock erupts, we both watch as my cum spews from my cock, hitting your face as you quickly lean forward and suck my cock back into your mouth as I shoot again into your mouth. I have to grab your head to keep from collapsing, and I feel your wonderful tongue and mouth sucking the cum from my cock. You continue to suck my cock and I start to get hard again immediately. I tell you that I have to feel my cock deep inside your wet pussy.

We both are taking off what little clothes we do have left on as we walk to the rear of my SUV and I lower the tail gate. I have you sit on the tailgate as I lean forward and taste the sweet juice from your pussy. I tell you I want to bury my cock deep in your pussy and i help you from the tailgate and turn you around, i gently press you forward and you quickly figure out my intentions.

You lean forward your breasts on the tailgate and you spread your legs as I move behind you and rub my cock up and down your pussy slit. I then push my cock slowly forward, entering your pussy, feeling your hot and wet pussy taking my cock I have to moan. I start to push m cock farther in your pussy, as you push back against my cock.

I tell you I love it as your pussy massages my cock as I pump into your tight wet pussy. I start to pump faster and you tell me that s right pump your cock into me, Fuck me, fuck me fast and hard. I start pumping faster and faster as you reach between your legs and rub your clit. I feel your pussy quiver and tighten around my cock as you cum. I pump even harder trying to go faster and faster into your pussy, my balls slapping your ass, we hear my cock sliding in and out of your tight pussy as I continue.

We hear a noise, what the hell was that, I think and we both look over our shoulders. A trucker has pulled off on the side of the road and blew his horn, letting us know he is watching us. Apparently he has let other truckers know through the CB radio because more horns are blown as the trucks travel down the highway.

We laugh and continue to pleasure each others bodies as we continue to fuck. I am pumping fast and hard as you push back to meet my thrusts, I tell you I am going to cum as I pump faster into you. I can feel my balls tighten and my cock erupts into your pussy and I feel your pussy tighten and clamp down on my cock as you cum.

I am exhausted and pull my cock from your pussy, you tell me to sit on the tailgate. I do and you drop your head to my cock. You kiss my cock head and then slowly suck my cock into your mouth, tasting our combined juices, sucking out combined juice from my cock. We hear the trucker blow his horn again and we both turn and wave.

We pick up our clothes both having the same idea I guess, we both only put on our shirts. You tell me I think there is another turn off a few miles down the road. I laugh as I start the SUV and say I think I may need a few minutes rest, you smile and say we will see. As we pull onto the road you shift and then I feel you drop your head into my lap. You suck mt cock into your mouth, using your tongue to massage my cock. I reach over and start to finger your pussy as we drive down the road, looking for that next turn off.

smoothnjuicy4u 50F

7/5/2006 8:53 am

Kinda long yes, but very good and steamy post, worth the time it took to read.

alamo1235 replies on 7/5/2006 10:31 am:
Thank you for dropping in and taking the time to read it.

Thanks for your kind comments.

Have a wonderful day.

florallei 99F

7/5/2006 11:12 am

Uhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm Alamo,

Very inticing...nice ride! Got me hot and bothered!

alamo1235 replies on 7/8/2006 6:47 pm:
Thank you for dropping in.

JaniSux 44F

7/9/2006 4:20 pm

OH MY GOSH! This was soooo very very hot! I think that it was even better than the first part post "The Ride" and I didn't think that was possible since I loved part one.

alamo, I was right there every step of the way, imagining that I was her, oh good gosh that was soooo
HOT!!!! I truly enjoyed it... so much soo that my hand crept down to my wet hot spot, caressing as I read.

Loved it!

alamo1235 replies on 7/9/2006 4:38 pm:

I am very happy that you did enjoy it.

I had a very good time writing it, will have to tell you about that sometime.

I am very happy it had a certain effect. /:>

xxangellovexx 58F

12/22/2006 7:51 pm

made me very wet, it was like a fantasy of mine you ride story
love it

alamo1235 replies on 12/22/2006 11:14 pm:

I am very happy thay you enjoyed.

Thanks for dropping in and feel free to drop in anytime.

rm_sexybbw4u22 60F

1/20/2007 12:37 pm

VERY good...I got wet just reading it. That is a fantasy of mine. Now I need to break out the toys and play for a while

alamo1235 replies on 1/20/2007 1:09 pm:
Glad you enjoyed.

Love when a Lady gets wet and breaks out the toys.

Feel free to drop back in anytime.

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