Looking for that certain spot  

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5/20/2006 8:52 am

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Looking for that certain spot

It has been a while since we have seen each other. When we finally do see each other both of us have broad smiles on our faces and erotic thoughts in our minds. We hug then kiss, one thing leads to another and the kisses become longer, more intense. Long deep kisses that stir the primal feelings in both of us. Our hands start to wonder over each other bodies, we pull each other closer. I know you can feel my cock growing, hardening as it pushes into your pelvis. I can feel the warmth of your pelvis as we tightly hold each other, your nipples hardening against my chest. I do enjoy this feeling.

You wrap your arms around my neck, your body swaying slightly as I feel your breast and nipples and pelvis lightly rub against my body. I reach down and rub your body, exploring the feel of your body even though it is still clothed. My hands drop to your buttocks and pull your body even closer to mine, if that is possible. You are still swaying your body slightly and the friction of your body against mine is causing your nipples and my cock to become rock hard. I can feel the warmth from our crotches as they increase in temperature.

As we continue our deep kisses, I raise your skirt and continue to massage your buttocks as we continue to kiss and sway our bodies. I can feel the heat of your pussy as my hands roam your ass and slide down your ass cheeks to your thighs. I reach up and pull your skirt down. I know we had to break contact for a few seconds to accomplish this but it seems like our bodies are welded together in this erotic grinding we are doing.

We decide to sit down, but as soon as we sit we become lip locked again. My hands start exploring your body again, and you continue to explore my body with your hands. I run my hands up and down your body, feeling your body your curves places I want to explore. I somehow manage to unbutton your blouse. My hands can know feel your skin, it feels warm to my touch and somehow your blouse slips off your body. You tell me it is not fair that I am fully dressed and you are in your panties and bra. You grab my shirt and pull it over my head and we start to kiss again.

My hands are still exploring your body; I rub them up and down and feel the warmth of your body. My hands massage your breast through your bra. I can feel your tits and the hardness of your erect nipples. It seems the more I rub your nipples the harder they become, I hear the moans you make as I rub your breast and my cock grows even harder. I can no longer stand your breast being confined and I reach around and unhook your bra. You smile and gently roll your shoulders, causing your bra to slowly ride down your breast. Teasing me, you control the speed of your breasts falling from your bra. I can no longer wait any longer and I reach up and pull your bra farther down. It is wonderful to finally see your breast and nipples as your bra slowly slips down and reveals them. I lean down and kiss your breast and then start massaging them with my hands, mouth and tongue. I suck your nipples into my mouth, licking and sucking them as my hand massages the other nipple.

I slowly drop one hand down tracing down your stomach, as I continue to massage your breasts and nipples with my mouth, tongue and other hand. I hear you moaning as I am busily sucking and licking your breast and nipples. You reach to unbuckle my belt, I tell you not yet just enjoy. My hand travels slowly down your stomach. I reach your upper thighs and start to slowly drag my fingers on your thighs, making circles on your thighs that are getting closer and closer to your pussy.

I can feel the heat coming from your pussy as my fingers get closer and closer to your pussy. I notice that your legs have spread wider as my fingers get closer and closer. I run a finger up and down your panty covered pussy. I apply enough pressure for you to feel my finger tip; I continue to trace the slit of your pussy, applying even more pressure. I continue you lick and suck your breast and nipples as I notice your legs are spreading wider and wider.

I notice your panties are starting to show a wet spot as your juices soak through them. I stroke your pussy slit faster and faster, massaging your clit and pussy lips through the material of your panties. I slide a finger underneath your panties and start to slowly massage your clit. You call out my name as I rub your clit, your moans become louder and louder. You tell me to finger your hot wet pussy and I reach down and lightly pull on your panties. You lift your body up to help me pull your panties off. We both pull your panties down exposing the juice leaking from your pussy lips. We both inhale your scent, making us both even hotter than we were seconds ago.

I drop on my knees in front of you; looking at your pussy seeing your juice leaking from you. I move my face closer, inhaling your smell as my tongue licks lightly up your slit. I can taste your juice as I slowly lick your pussy up and down. I look up your head is leaning back, eyes closed, your nipples sticking out, rock hard and your legs spread wide. Your juice is seeping out coating your inner thighs as I return to lick your pussy.

My tongue makes contact with your pussy lips and I slowly suck each one inside my mouth. Tasting your juice, massaging your pussy lips with my tongue and mouth. I then push my tongue farther in you, licking harder, from your clit to your buttocks. I take time to lick and suck your clit and then plunge my toungr farther into your pussy canal. As I explore your canal with my tongue, I use my fingers to rub your clit and I am delighted to see you also using your fingers on your pussy.

I continue to lick and suck your pussy as we use our fingers to explore your hot wet pussy. Our fingers rub your slick pussy walls as I massage your clit with my tongue. I can feel my cock getting harder and harder as we both rub your pussy. I continue to suck the juice from your pussy and breathe in your womanly scent. I look up and see you massaging your breast and nipples with your other hand, your eyes still closed as we continue to pleasure your body. I feel the contractions of your pussy on my fingers, your pussy muscles gripping my fingers. I hear your moans as I start to pump my fingers faster and faster into your pussy.

I must have hit that spot because I feel your pussy tighten again on my fingers, your moans increase. I continue to pump my fingers into you wanting to continue the pleasure for you. I love the magical feeling when I hit that certain spot and you seem to cum and cum and cum.

Truthfully, I don't always find that certain spot, but it is not for a lack of searching for it.

I know that in the future I will be very happy that I did. But that is another story, that will be hopefully cummming soon.

alamo1235 58M
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5/20/2006 8:54 am

This is a revised story of something I had posted earlier.

swooness 34F

5/21/2006 6:41 am

"I can feel the heat coming from your pussy as my fingers get closer and closer to your pussy. I notice that your legs have spread wider as my fingers get closer and closer. I run a finger up and down your panty covered pussy. I apply enough pressure for you to feel my finger tip"

The heat...that is the best part of sexual encounters, whether it be the heat from our deep breathing, heat from the friction of our two bodies, or individual heat...very sexy dream. Hope it was a reality for you.

alamo1235 replies on 5/21/2006 7:42 am:

Thank you for dropping by and checking out my blog.

Yes this story did happen. It was very enjoyable.

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