Boob job or no boob job?  

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6/29/2006 5:44 pm

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7/4/2006 6:35 pm

Boob job or no boob job?

That is my dilema! I recently lost 60 lbs and let's face it. My tits are not the most attractive thing in my anatomical closet. I went from a 36D to a 32B. What a letdown! So now I have my slim figure back, but pancake tits. I want to get a boob job, but everyone says "oh, natural breasts are better!" What do you guys think? Can you even tell the difference? I've never had sex with a woman with implants, so I don't have any experience there. I don't want clown boobs or anything, just to replace what I had and am missing. I'm pretty small, 5'3, 115 lbs., so if I go too big I'll tip over. My husband is happy to pay for the surgery, but as he is uninterested in sex, I'll probably be the only one playing with them! I need to know what the story is! Women, if you have them, let me know if you like them. Men, if you have them, let me know if you like them LOL!

BlackHeatLust 47M

6/29/2006 6:31 pm

Hi there Akron I would say go for them also just like Magahee stated. If you fely comfortable with the 36D's them b all mean get them back. Natural breast are alright but having a set a big fake breast to play with and fondle is my style. Good luck with your decision sweetheart.

akron42 replies on 7/1/2006 5:29 pm:
Thanks! I'm leaning toward the fake tits!

rm_teecee99 59M

6/29/2006 8:03 pm

personally I much prefer the natural breast ... it seems more sensitive and sure feels better when i am kissing licking nibbling or otherwise touching ... best of luck !!!

akron42 replies on 7/1/2006 5:30 pm:
Alot of women have told me they have more sensation after breast implants, so I'm not sure. But thanks for your input!

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

6/30/2006 3:44 am


Mr. Bambi here...

I HATE fake boobs. They don't look right, they don't feel right, they aren't as sensitive, and in time, you might need a "tune-up" on them.

As far as your boobs go; I might be unusual in this sense, but I find it extremely erotic to see some "tittie action" during sex (the flopping). Also, based on the way you describe your breasts, there is one very nice thing about them - feel them; the firm ball right at the end of the pancake - for a guy it's very erotic to play with that portion.

If I get a vote, don't change a thing about yourself.

akron42 replies on 7/1/2006 5:31 pm:
Well I appreciate your opinion. Still on the fence about it, but it's good to know what men think. Thanks!

bucknuts1000 57M
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6/30/2006 8:06 am

I'm with TC and Bambi. As real a person as you are personally, you should keep it that way physically also. Boobs don't make the woman in your case.

akron42 replies on 7/1/2006 5:32 pm:
Awww. You're sweet! I just feel they are unattractive.

playtime44uandi 52M
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6/30/2006 10:24 am

I think if it makes you feel better about yourself then do it.
I personaly dont care how big a ladies breasts are, there all fun.
Ive had a few lady friends bet boob jobs & they looked very nice. I have nothing agenst them. Its all about what you want.

~We'll Leave The Light On~

akron42 replies on 7/1/2006 5:33 pm:
I do want them for me, not for anyone else. I think they WOULD make me feel better about their appearance. Thanks for your input!

Parrothead_2001 52M

6/30/2006 1:27 pm

I vote no - too much trouble (in the long term) and there are is the lingering question about safety. Does not offset the potential short term benefits. Plus do you really want to attract guys that only date large breasted women?


akron42 replies on 7/1/2006 5:34 pm:
No, I would do it for ME. I just feel they are unattractive in their present condition. I avoid looking at them! But I get what you're saying.

SomFun4us2 56M

7/1/2006 5:01 am

Well if there is more then a mouthful they could be wasted, I love all types of breast but I feel god's work is the best, I've played with both, I just like the way natural breast lay against my body {=}

akron42 replies on 7/1/2006 5:35 pm:
Unfortunately, I don't have anything to compare them with! But I'll take your word on it. Thanks!

glidecc 41M  
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7/1/2006 9:36 pm

Fake boobs are nice to look but when you get to touch them it's pretty disappointing. They just feel really fake most of the time.

So go to the strip club and find out for yourself what they feel like before you consider the surgery. Personally I'd rather a woman have breasts that feel nice than breasts that just look nice; especially when the lights are out.

daighi 49M
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7/2/2006 11:01 am

I'd have to say that i much prefer the more Natural feel to a woman's breasts.It's a part of life that your body will change over time,but thats part of YOUR character also.

You should be appreciated for who you are inside & out,& for being just YOU,in your most NATURAL state.

However,having said all that.If it makes YOU feel better about YOURSELF,to have a boob-job,then by all means have one!Just make sure that it's for YOUR happiness,& NOT someone elses.


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



twoofusincbus 53M/50F
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7/2/2006 11:43 am

You need to do what will make you happy, of course. In terms of my opinion, though: keep 'em natural! I love the look and feel of a natural breast.

akron42 replies on 7/4/2006 6:36 pm:
Thanks! I'm still on the fence about it, but I'm glad I got so much input.

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