Jayson's Surprise  

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Jayson's Surprise

It was a Friday afternoon in December and Jayson was on his way home he had a shity day and was looking forward to getting home to a cold beer and his beautiful wife, when he pulled in the driveway though there was a strange car in the lane he thought just great company just what he needed after the day he had. He entered the house and was surprised to be met at the door by a voluptuous redhead wearing a green bustier with black stockings, garters and high heels, she said welcome home my name is Mary and you must be Jayson she give me a kiss took my coat and handed me a crown and coke. His beautiful wife Marie appeared wearing a red bustier with black stockings garters and high heels she gave him a big hug , kissed him and welcomed him home she asked how his day was and he replied that it was terrible, then asked what was going on she took him by the hand and said well we will see if we can make it better, in the kitchen they had some snacks on the table chocolate covered strawberries, cheese and grapes with a couple bottles of wine chilling she patted him on the ass and said why don't you grab a shower dinner will be ready in about an hour. He disappeared for a quick shower and shave and when he returned he was wearing only a robe, the house was dark except for the light of the candles the women had lit and some soft upbeat music was playing. Mary was sitting on the sofa with her legs slighlty spread and he could see she was not wearing any panties under her garter, she had a smooth shaved pussy and he could feel his cock start to swell as she patted the sofa next to her telling him to come and sit. They sat and talked his wife Marie came into the room with a sheet and steaming cup of water. Mary stood up and helped him up she removed his robe exposing his half hard cock which drew Marys eyes to it she smiled a smile of approval Marie had told her he had a nice cock and she had to agree she liked what she seen so far. Meanwhile Marie had spread the sheet on the floor and told him to lay face down on the floor so he settled himself on the floor and the women knelt one on each side of him on the floor. Turned out the steaming cup of water was hot oil and they poured some on his back and when it hit his skin he tightened up it was very hot and the girls giggled as the hot oil ran down the crack of his ass he squeezed his ass cheeks together, Marie asked if it was to hot and he said no he would be fine. They started to massage the oil into his back and neither of them had any massage training but they where doing just fine he could feel his bad day slipping away, Mary moved down by his legs so she could massage his legs while Marie massaged his back she rubbed his legs first down one then back up the other rubbing her hands between his legs massaging his ass she seemed to enjoy squeezing his cheeks he had a firm ass, he could feel his cock start to thicken even more than it already was but he could not help it, god they were making him feel so good. Marie told him to roll over and he hesitated somewhat, these girls had caused his cock to grow to pretty much a raging hard on but he rolled over anyway. Mary grinned and giggled when she seen what he had been hiding under there Marie had been right he did have a very nice cock and should could not wait to get some of it in her. She said Marie it looks like he is starting to enjoy this she smiled and agreed. They poured the oil on his chest and again it was very hot and he gasped as his body tightened up again. They started working the oil into his hairy chest down his arms through his fingers he could feel even more stress leave with every stroke they made. Mary moved down to his legs again and started working down one leg to his feet and massaged his toes then over to his other foot massaging his toes then back up the other leg she paused at his cock to massage some warm oil on to his swollen smooth shaved balls and then a few soft strokes up and down his hard cock, he moaned with pleasure as she took his hard cock in her hand and stroked it. She to let out a " mmmmm " she liked the way his thick cock felt in her hand she could not wait to put his hard cock in her mouth. Marie got up and disappeared into the kitchen and returned with the fruit and wine they sat him up and Marie took a strawberry and put it between her lips and pressed it against his. He sucked the berry from her mouth and then sucked her tongue into his mouth and kissed her passionately he loved her so much. Mary had poured some wine and she fed him some wine then kissed the sweetness off his lips they spent a while feeding each other fruit and wine until the wine was almost gone and they were in the mood to take this to another level. Mary stood up and moved across the room and Marie moved around behind Jayson sitting on the floor massaging his shoulders with one gorgeous leg on either side of his naked body and pulled him back against her to watch the show he could feel her hard nipples pressing against his back. He knew she was getting hot Mary started to do a striptease for them slowly removing everything except her stockings, garter and heels. She had a fat round ass just like his beautiful wife did and slightly larger tits with nipples that were begging to get out of that bustier and be sucked on and he couldn't wait to do just that. Her pussy was shaved smooth and looked very inviting and he was ready for the invite. Marie stood and Mary took her spot behind Jayson massaging his back as she started to dance she bent over and removed her panties and then backed up a little closer to reveal her shaved pussy in the dim lights of the candles. Mary leaned over his shoulder and kissed Maries sweet pussy before he even got a chance to she had been wanting to do this for some time. Marie moaned as Mary's lips touched her excited pussy. He could not believe what was happening but he was liking it so far he wondered what these girls had in store for him but he didn't dare ask hell he didn't care let the surprises keep coming he thought. Marie reached out and took Marys hand helped her up and they continued to dance around him he tried to reach out and touch there voluptuous sexy bodies but they pushed him to the floor and told him to just lay there and enjoy the show. They paused from time to time to squeeze each others nipple and suck each others tits sliding an occasional hand between each others legs to massage there smooth sweet pussies. Marie finally positioned herself over Jayson's face and slowly wiggled her way down to his face. She smelled of vanilla mist and sex she smelled so good he wanted to ravish her pussy right there. He started to stick his tongue out to steal a taste of her sweetness but before he could she stood up and was gone she continued to dance with Mary. Mary then positioned herself over him and wiggled her way down to his face but before she could get up he wasn't gonna let another one get away he wrapped his arms around her legs and pulled her pussy down to his hot waiting mouth. She struggled to get away but he was to strong he wasn't gonna let her. She settled in for what he was getting ready to give her and she had no idea how good it was gonna be. She to had that smell of sex and vanilla god the smell of these girls had him so hot. Jayson forced her wet lips open with his hot tongue she moaned as his tongue entered her pussy and probed deep inside her. He slid his thick tongue over her now hard clit and sucked it into his mouth nibbling on it ever so gently. She threw her head back she could feel her orgasm building as he probed her pussy with his hot tongue. Marie moved over his cock and lowered herself down on top of him and buried his now rock hard cock deep inside her and started to grind her pussy onto his hard cock. He loved to feel her hot pussy wrapped around his hard cock. She reached around Mary to squeeze her nipples she pinched them hard and Mary ground her wet pussy into Jaysons wanting mouth he begun to suck her clit hard as her breathe quickened. He could tell she was getting close to cumming so he continued sucking and licking and sucking her hard clit until finally she screamed and flowed her sweetness into his mouth, he sucked up everything she had to offer. She tasted so good not as good as his wife but so sweet anyway. Marie stood up and told Mary to switch her places she wanted some of that tongue. Marie sat down on his face and he started to probe her sweet pussy inside and out sucking on her sweet pussy lips. She had the sweetest pussy he had ever tasted he had not tasted many women but so far she was the sweetest. He continued to suck her clit sliding his tongue in and out of her sweet pussy licking and sucking on her clit. She was loving it he could tell by the way she was grinding her hips into his face and moaning. Mary had plunged his hard cock into her mouth sucking all Maries sweetness off his cock. She to loved to eat pussy and still had not got a chance to eat Marie's but she loved to suck a pussy soaked cock to. She sucked cock very well not that he had a lot to compare to he had not got many blow jobs in his life. His wife sucked him better but he could tell Mary enjoyed doing it more but he did not care it was feeling to good. Marie started to moan and her grinding picked up he knew she to was getting close to giving him a drink of her sweetness and he so wanted to taste her. He sucked her clit licking her inside then out sucking her wet lips pulling her clit back into his mouth. Mary was sucking his cock hard and fast squeezing his balls gently in her hand and sliding her hand up and down his cock twisting from side to side as she went up and down. He to was getting close and started to moan Mary could tell he was getting close she could feel his cock thicken in her mouth. She knew it wouldn't be long she was gonna get his hot juice and she so wanted him to cum in her mouth she loved to swallow a man. She worked it faster until he let out a loud groan and shot his hot load in to her hot mouth. She sucked all he had moaning with every spurt he shot it was so hot and she drank it all. He buried his face into Maries cunt and sucked her clit harder and faster she to let out screams of ecstasy. Mary reached around and pinched her hard nipples she screamed even louder and could no longer take what they were doing to her. She screamed she was gonna cum and flowed her sweetness into his mouth he slurped all she had to offer. She tasted so good he could not get enough of her sweetness he loved to eat her pussy so much. Mary moved and told Marie to lay on her back and for Jayson to fuck her. He moved between her legs and slowly pushed his drained swollen but still hard cock into her hot wet pussy parting her lips with the head of his still sensitive cock. She quivered she was still very sensitive from the tongue lashing her husband had just put on her pussy. He started to pump his hard cock in and out of her and she moaned as he hit the bottom of her pussy. Mary moved down beside Marie and started to suck her nipples one then the other. Marie arched her back as Mary took her nipple between her teeth and softly bit down it hurt so good to have her nipples being bit and sucked by Mary while her husbands thick hard cock was deep inside her. Marie started to grind her pussy into Jaysons cock they had her so hot and she wanted to fuck his brains out. Mary continued to suck and bite her nipples and squeeze her tits. When she started to breathe heavier Mary moved down to her pussy she had been wanting to taste her all night. She sucked her clit into her mouth and she moaned as the sweetness filled her mouth she tasted so good. Marie moaned to she had never had a women eat her pussy and she had to admit it felt as good if not better than her husband especially while she was getting fucked by Jayson's hard cock. Jayson could tell it wasn't gonna be long before she exploded. He could feel her pussy tighten around his cock and she started grinding her pussy into him faster. He picked up the pace and started to fuck her hard driving his cock deep inside her hot pussy. She was moaning as Mary was licking her pussy and sucking her clit soon she let out a moan and then screamed "I’m gonna cum" she begged him to fuck her. She begged Mary to eat her pussy she started to spasm and grind her pussy into Mary's face and Jayson's hard cock. He could feel the waves of orgasms going through her pussy as it tightened and loosened around his hard cock. She had several hard orgasms as he continued his assault on her pussy and Mary sucked he clit. Marie took a minute to enjoy what they had just done to her as Jayson leaned over and kissed her and said "I love you", did you like that ? She answered with a big smile he could tell that she did. She got up and told Mary it was her turn. Mary got on her knees she wanted Jayson to fuck her from behind with that thick hard cock. Jayson parted her lips with his swollen head and pushed his way into the bottom of her hot love tunnel. He started to pump his hard cock in and out of her pussy. Marie moved beside them were she could squeeze his balls and play with Mary's nipples. Mary like every women enjoyed having her tits played with while she was getting some hard cock drove in her and he was driving it in her. Soon her pussy was starting to tighten around his cock he knew she was getting close to cumming. He kept a steady rhythm pounding his cock in and out of her he loved to watch his cock disappear then reappear in and out of there pussies. It made him so hot he was ready to blow but, he was not gonna cum yet theses women started something and he was gonna finish it. Mary let out a few moans then grabbed two handfuls of the sheet she was on and screamed " I’m cumming ". She was cumming hard Jayson could feel here tight pussy squeezing his hard cock with every orgasm she had and she had several. Marie squeezed her nipples hard and Jayson rammed his hard cock in and out of her until she collapsed on the floor in front of them. She lay there quivering enjoying the waves of ecstacy that were still pulsing through her body. She got up and told Marie to get on her hands and knees she wanted her to be fucked like that and then directed him to fuck Marie just like he had fucked her. Who was he to argue his cock was so swollen and thick by now when he parted her pussy with his fat head she moaned as he entered her and sank his hard cock inside her. Mary moved under Marie in a 69 position and started to suck her sensitive clit once again while licking Marie's sweetness off his cock. His cock was bringing her a sweet taste of Marie every time it came out of her beautiful pussy. Mary reached over and handed Marie a huge rubber cock and told her to fuck her pussy hard with that big thing. She slowly slid that hard dildo inside her while her husband pounded his cock inside of her pussy and Mary licked and sucked on her sex button. It didn't take long for Marie to have Mary moaning and groaning with that rubber cock she was driving it in and out of her with the same rhythm and force that Jayson was fucking her wet pussy with while she was rubbing Mary's clit. Soon Mary screamed and buried her face into Marie's pussy and sucked her clit hard into her mouth Marie thought she was gonna cum right away. Mary was cumming again and Marie was making it happen. Jayson was so hot he wanted to unload inside his wife right then but he wasn't ready he wasn't done he wanted more. Marie continued to make Mary cum several more times fucking her hot wet pussy with that big dildo while rubbing her clit before Mary snatched the cock out of Maries hands. She said she could not take any more she now concentrated sucking on Maries clit and Jaysons balls as he pounded his hard cock in and out of Marie. The room smelled of there sex the sounds of them moaning and his body slapping against Marie's sweet ass was all you could hear. He drove his hard cock in and out of her he quickened his pace as Mary sucked on his balls and slowed when she was sucking Maries clit god he wanted to cum and it wasn't gonna be long at this point. He knew Marie was gonna go soon he could feel her pussy start to spasm with waves of ecstacy. She began to drive her pussy into his hard cock with every thrust he gave her. Mary continued to lick her pussy and the sweetness of her juices off Jaysons cock as he continued to fuck his beautiful wife. Soon she let out a moan then another Mary reached down and grabbed her nipples and squeezed her nipples hard as she sucked her clit hard, deep into her hot mouth. Mary was very good at eating pussy and it was showing right now. Jayson picked up his pace and she screamed she was cummimg and she was cumming hard she squirted her sweetness all over Jaysons cock. Mary licked her sweetness off as fast as it flowed from her sweet cunt she came several times as they assaulted her hot wet pussy. Jayson started to moan and his pace became erratic they knew it was his turn he was gonna cum. Right before he could unload his hot cum into his wifes already wet pussy Mary pulled his cock out and drove into her throat. He moaned louder and shot squirt after squirt of hot juice into her throat she swallowed all he had to give and sucked him hard for more. She loved to have a man cum in her mouth and you could tell the way she was sucking him she liked it. When he had squirted his last spurt he collapsed on his wife then fell to the floor sweating and exhausted those women had just give him maybe the best fuck of his life and he did pretty good holding up his end. Marie settled on one side and Mary on the other and massaged his chest Marie leaned in and kissed him with a great deal of passion and asked if his day had gotten any better. He just smiled the biggest smile she had ever seen on his face she knew they had done good. Then out of know where the smoke detector went off the women looked at each other and yelled " oh shit " they had got so wrapped up in fucking they forgot about dinner. They all got a shower and Jayson took them out for dinner after all with what they had just gave him he thought it was the least he could do.......
stay tuned for more of there hot threesomes adventures.......

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This is the post that made me want them. I love the blogs keep them cumming.....*S*

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thank you...keep watching there cuming..

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