Shattered hearts, Unignorable feelings, and New freedom....  

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1/2/2006 10:41 am

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Shattered hearts, Unignorable feelings, and New freedom....

i just recently came out of a 2.5yr relationship. it was shakey as hell and too many things were left uncertain during that time period. although my heart was shattered(she felt awful for it too), ive realized that a lasting friendship/bond needs a seriously stable foundation...something i wasnt able to provide to my ex lover. the unignorable bond she found elsewhere gave her what she needed. we were physically/socially perfect together, and our feelings for each other were true, but she found the emotional support i didnt provide her with from another guy...

the reason ive come to AdultFriendFinder is to explore, and find people who are just a sexually charged as myself; but to also hopefully meet couples who have realized their relationships.

if things work out right(and they seem to be so far)i may stay here for a while because even though ive lost love, im gaining an opportunity to open my mind and find what i need to find before i can settle down properly.

thanks for stopping by~

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