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4/17/2005 5:20 pm

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internet meeting

hmmm its a Thursday morning IM waiting for you to pick me up. IM dressed in a short skirt and a nice sexy top. I ve waited so long for you ,longing to kiss you,wanting to fuck you,oh how i've masterbated to your voice on my voice box waitng for the day we meet. i see you as your pulling up looking hot in your stylish sunglasses smilling at me as i walk towards you.
mmmm as i start to open you car door sliding my self into the seat legs all exsposed,you say oh my god is that you i cant believe it,we havent seen each other in 2 years,only listening to each other on the phone long distance..
I start to lean forward asking if i looked hot enough for you placing a wet juicy kiss upon your lips telling you i want you.your shocked by my sudden forwardness, my nasty girl personality.
you slap my upper thigh calling me a nasty bitch asking what do you want to do,,,hmmmm the right question to ask me i smile devilishly saying ohhhh what i want to do you wont be able to handle, your laughing saying and what is that. i tell you to pull over to the side of the road towards the strip of motels.telling you to go get us a room,as your coming out of the payment office keys in hand i snatch them from you telling you. your in for it now buddy cause im gonna work your ass till your begging for mercy. you look at me saying is that a dare i say no it's a fuckin promise. as we are getting in to the room i pull you waist band telling you of how i want you to bend me over fucking me doggie style,fucking me good and hard. by the time i start to remove your pants and your sexy boxer briefs, your leaking precum from the excitement of i taking charge. i start to slide my hands down your throbbing cock asking if i could have this.. this is what i want. you say baby take it all its yours to do what you want. work it like you want.hmmmm im smiling saying oh really anything i start to push the back of my head forcing my wet juicy lips upon your hard cock demanding that i take it now, and to stop the fuckin i start to lick your hard precum leaking cock. im tasting your sweet juices as if its a treat from a god, an unforbidin pleasure.mmmmm you taste so good as i slide my lips upon your cock taking it in deeper taking it in harder sucking as if my lips are the grips of death, making you weak as i stare into your working my mouth with the precum slidding it up and down. sucking on your cock as if it was a lollypop mmm so sticky so sweet i want some more moving my lips faster upon your throbbing cock mmmmm i want you to cum,to cum all over my mouth letting it trickle out as i try to catch it back in with me teeth.oh fucking god you are my god. i want you to just fuckin take me now...
you roll me over saying bitch prop your ass high into the air i want to fuck it good,wanting to slapp it hard.. i say oh yes baby anything you want... you can have for what you want to say as your slapping my ass i mmmmm you got a "phat ass" mmm baby can i slide my hard cock into you wet pussy.. i say no i want you to finger pleasure me bringing your lips down upon my hard clit niblbing as if it was candy tasting the sweetness as you slide in 2 fingers fucking me hard as if you were on a misson. a misson to satisfy me beyond got me so hot and bothered im starting to arch my back up against the bed bringing my wet pussy closer to your mouth grabbing you by the back of the head demanding that you lick me hard lick me faster ooooohhhhhhhh making me more wetter,ohhhhh as i satrt to moan im telling you to move your fingers in and out of my wet pussy harder and faster telling you im gonna cum...ohhhhhhhh you start to move your lips faster mmmmmmmmm i can feel it start to build up inside ooooooooooo oooooooo god i scream.oooooooooo.. mmmmmmmm you feel so good as you were eating my wet pussy..
You start to lift my legs over your shoulders not giving me the chance to catch my breaths still weak and exausted from you lips down below. you start to pound me hard and deep taking my legs and pressing down as you start too get deeper demanding to know if this is what i wanted i say oh yes fucking yes.. oh fucking yes fuck me harder fuck me deeper i want to scream i want you to take me as if you never have tookin a women that way before. your fucking me so hard and deep i can feel your balls slapping up against my ass making me more excited from your balls slapping up against the back of my wet pussy it feels as if im gona cum again. im telling you to take my breast squezzing down upon them pulling my nipples as i start to cum ooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo fucking good you are so fucking good....
by the time we get done its almost time for me to catch the bus back up north..we are rushingly putting are clothes back on just so we can have just a few more moments together before the bus comes,as we are drving down a busy road you look over at me asking me when can i have you again i want that wet pussy in my mouth again... i say ohhh baby with a mouth of a god i said i surley be your devoted whorsper..
we start to pull into the rest stop waiting on the bus we got some time to kill its a pretty busy place tractor traliors pulling in and out lot of people around.. you look at me asking if i could give you one more treat before i leave.... i say what you want it here you want it now.. you say yes bitch right now bring your mouth and suck it good... mmmmm i like it when your forcefull with me makes me more excited... i start to slide my wet lips upon your hard throbbing cock stroking it as i go down deeper wanting to take it all.....mmmm so far into my mouth i can feel it hitting my tonsils mmmmm i love eating you so deep. i m working my mouth fastrer and faster mmmmm going down deeper and deeper you start to grap the back of my head going god dam bitch your making me cum so fast with lips like that mmmmmm you sweet candy is all over my mouth and chin mmm i start to bring my tounge out licking what was left on my chin going mmmmmmm baby that was good

athick14u2njoy 48M

4/20/2005 2:59 pm

THAT WAS HEAVY!!! Very nice

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