fun on the sand  

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4/17/2005 5:19 pm

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fun on the sand

It's a hot summer day in the mid 90's im laying on the beach getting some sun.. i see you from across the way dressed in you sexy bathing suit playing vollyball,im watching you thinking of what i could do to you,thinking of the ways i could please starting to walk your way,gazing at your hot body,you catch my eye as i look upon you...your eyes seem locked in place as i walk towards you........i ask you devilishly if you like what you see,and would you like to play, play with me...your jaw drops not knowing what to say... i take you by the hand leaning forward as my breast's brush up against your arm whispering in your ear telling you of the things i can do....i tell you i dont want to know your name nor will you know mine, i like to be strangers not knowing of each other but satisyfing each others needs,i tell you of how i like to play and ask you to come my way around 10pm tonight meeting me on the beach..

it's about 9:45pm im waiting for you among the water dressed in nothing more then a slip dress,hair flowing wild.. i hear the sand being walked upon form behind me. I turn to see you walking my way,,as you get closer im telling you that tonight i am in controll and that you will do as i say, i lay you on the sand rubbing your cock,telling you not ot touch me. I start to kiss your sexy lips i start to take your shirt off,kissing your chest,movimg my lips around your ears,bitting and nibbling at your lobe,i start to move my lips down your body,intill i reach your hard cock,i start to pull down your pants,taking controll, i start to take your hands binding them above your head ,telling you not to move....i come back to your hard cock,grabbing and gently stroking your cock,i begin by licking your balls,sucking,and massagng them with my mouth,i start to lick up the side of your cock,slipping it in my mouth i work my way down your shaft sucking wildly as if you my prey trying to get away..i love to tease,and i love to see you reaction. I start to take your hard cock in deeper going fastly with my tounge licking as i suck. I feel your arms and legs start to shake for my my mouth has the grip of death not letting go,im working my way up and down your shaft swiflty and steadly grabbing your balls as i suck. You start to say oh god this is so fucking good. I start to feel your hard cock throbing in my mouth, i start to taste the sweet candy coming form within.....

I tell you of the things i want you to do to me,telling you to do it my way no other way will do... i tell you to undress me removing all that i have. I m telling you to take my body to take control now. You start to move your mouth over my breast sucking and bitting my nipples, i start to feel your hands moving towards my pussy you look up at me telling me you brought something,you pull out this bag for which it contains, a pair of handcuffs,and a

blindfold..i get so excited now knowing that im going to be taken advantage of sexually, you roll me over on to my stomach pulling my arms behind my back cuffing me so i can not move. You slowly cover my eyes with the blindfold. Im in so much excitement now, my pussy isso wet for i can feel the juices trickling down my inner start to take me in a way i never been touched before,i feel your wet tounge among my ass licking as if it was a treat,you slip your finger in my wet pussy still licking my ass.ohhh it feells so good,you start to pentrate my ass with a finger making room for your hard cock,telling me im gonna t ake it . Telling me im gonna like it, you start to slide your hard cock gently into my tight ass,making me scream in enjoyment,you have it all the way in now going in and out watching as it goes into my ass watching in excitement,you start to go faster fucking me in my ass making me scream making me calling you god for i have never felt so much satisfaction. You pull your hard cock out of my ass my ass is still throabing from your cock being from within,im still shaking in excitement as i cum,you reach down to feel my wetness,licking your fingers telling me of how good, you still have me cuffed still have me face down not letting me see what is coming next,you start to slap my ass.telling me you have another treat... i say what you say hush....i hear footsteps among the sand its getting start to roll me over not letting me see, i feel a hard cock on my lips you telling me to suck,telling me to lick, i feel someone starting to lick my wet pussy as i suck your hard cock, i feel fingers entering my wet pussy pushing forcefully in going deep making me scream,making me starting to cum it feels os good i can not move.. you start to roll me back over,laying me on my stomach propping my ass up in the air,im so excited now for the reason of another person involved,not sure of who it is.......i hear a voice it's a voice of a women, she sounds hot. She asking you if she could play with me a bit i feel sometihng hard going forcefully in my warm wet pussy she fucking me with a toy,going deep inside,forcefully going side to side making me scream making me moan, im calling out do it ot me harder do it to me faster she has me so excited im starting to quiver,starting ot shake. I feel her start to remove the hard toy . she starts to lean forward licking my pussy sticking her fingers inside licking and slurping, you start to stradle your hips behind the mystery women,,,your fucking her deep as she licks and sucks your fucking her so hard io can feel her moaning vibrating agaisnt my clit,she starting to scream finger fucking me as you fuck her harder.taking her hips forcing her down upon your cock,slapping her ass making her cum...

you roll me over and uncuffmy hands,you say its my turn,my turn to eat blind fold is removed now for i can see the wet pussy in front of me,gushing out cum your standing above me telling me to taste telling me to lick.. i look up to catch a glimps of you. Your standing above us stroking your hard cock stroking it faster.. your telling me to put 2 fingers in her wet pussy as i lick...telling me to finger fuck her hard making her scream,telling me to lick her clit as i finger fuck her wet pussy. You start to cum showering us with your cum trickling down on to her tell me to lick to lick it all up,the cum from her wet pussy and the cum form your hard cock is all over my lips running down my chin,she taking her finger brushing it agaisnt my lips staking some cum she licks it going yum...

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