a rainy day  

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4/17/2005 5:17 pm

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a rainy day

its a rainy day im standing outside your door dressed in a simple white shirt and jeans, soaking wet lips swallon from the coldness my checks are flushed as if my chest,im pearing in your windows looking for you, i knock at your door, you open the door taking me in you look down staring at my breast as for the nipples are hard and sticking out from the cold. you start to wipe the rain from my forehead leaning forward to kiss my swallon lips brushing my hair aside you reach for my crotch grabbing and fondling as you kiss, you start to unbutton my pants removing them,removing my laced thong,lifting my shirt above my head and unbuckling my bra,you forcefully lay me upon your couch you start to move your hands across my breast pulling at my nipples, and fondling as you kiss, i lay there in complete stillness quivering form your touch,im gasping for air as the excitement of you touch makes me wet,soaking wet..you ask me what i want, i tell you i want you, i want you to take me, take me as you will...taking my body showing me escasty.you start to move your lips across my lower side gently kissing,moving towards my belly button, you start to slide your finger in pushing deep as you push ur finger in the wetness starts to leak,running down your fingers, you start to pull your finger out,along with my wettness you start to lick you finger telling me how good i taste,telling me you want more...i lean forward to unbutton your pants tuggin at he waist telling you to remove your pants,as you remove your pants your hard cock is in my face inviting me to taste,i lean forward getnly licking and tasting,i pull back inviting you take as you want...you start to move across my body as if you navigated it before knowing where i like to be touched,knowing where i like to be kissed,,,,you start to lick my nipples pulling with you teeth,enjoying the taste of my soft skin upon your lips,your hands are as silk so soft and relaxing you move them towards my ass grabbing as you suck...you have me in complete relaxing state telling you to do as you like.that my body is yours take it,you ask me to get up,asking me to control you,asking me to show you what i want, i slide upon your hard cock slowly sliding on to it,telling you as i do of how good it feels,how tightly it fits as if its a glove made jsut for me,i start to ride you gently,slowly rocking my hips,slowly kissing your neck as i push myslef down harder on to you,making you motionless, unable to move,unable to open your eyes,your lost in a place that only i can reach,for only i can make you feel this way...i stop for a minute feeling you hard cock throbbing against my clit,your making me weak to your touch,you lift me from your cock rolling me over,rubbing my ass you start to finger me,feeling how wet i am,asking me of how i want it,im telling you i want you to go deep inside penetrating me hard making me scream,you start to stradle my ass getting ready to go in,i scream out oh god as you slide in shaking for it feels so good,,,,you ask me do i please,i say yes oh god,you satisfy my every need,you start to pick up speed i can feel your hard cock so deeply now,your balls are slapping aginst my soaking wet ass for my wetness has begun to over flow,dripping out as you go in and out,you ask me if i had enough, i said hell no i want more,,,,,i pull off your hard cock asking if i could suck,just for a bit, i slowly start to ru n my swallon lips across your hard cock licking the top part as if it was sweet candy,licking and sucking enjoying,i slowly start to take you in deeper taking you in till i can not handle no more,running my tounge alonge side as i start to suck harder and harder, i feel your hard cock start to throb against my lips you are a bit shakking from the experance,the experance of being sucked upon so good,, i look up at you smilling so devilsih asking if it was good.... i tell you i want you to cum,to cum as you will,as you like, i start to grip you hard cock with one hand fastly and forcefully sucking moving my wet mouth upon you sucking deeper and deeeper sucking till i feel you sake you say ohh god im cuming i can no longer take,you start to cum,for as it is running down my lips, i continue to suck till you scream taking my head forcing me to take all that you give.. you lay there as if you jsut got done running unable to move your body form the soreness form the stiffness.. you lay there looking at me as if i was a goddess only here to please your every need,, your telling me that you want me again, i look at you smiling and saying it will be,for you shall have for what you ask for................

athick14u2njoy 48M

4/20/2005 3:00 pm

You really should expand upon your blogs and write. You create a vivid image with words.

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