What a Testimony is ...and isn't.  

ahotpair4u2 65M/64F
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7/10/2006 2:50 pm
What a Testimony is ...and isn't.

A testimony is someone else verifying you, showing that you are indeed real, not some pussnuts sitting at your computer desk whacking off, pretending to be a woman or whatever.

A testimony is *not* "Love the pix; can't wait to meet you". It's *not* "You are so hot; I want to fuck you so badly". Do you get my point here? Anybody can be in your network and write someting. You might be Jack the ripper incarnate and smooth talk people online but never actually meet anyone. Chatting online does not qualify you for a testimonial; you must actually meet face to face for a legitimate testimonial. There does not have to be sex involved but you do have to have actually met in person. Pictures do not mean jack either.

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