Our first visit to the Trapeze  

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7/22/2006 10:39 am
Our first visit to the Trapeze

We went Friday night 7-21-06 to the Trapeze in Atlanta. Our first impression was not that great, very seedy side of town, several strip clubs and adult video stores nearby, seedy hotels, two other clubs similar to the Trap (2Risque and Club Wax); it was also in an industrial park which we thought was pretty unusual. When we got inside things quickly turned the corner for the better. We got there too late for the tour so we had to find our own way around. We started out at the bar (the first of three!), listened to a song and watched some ladies dancing (and making out ). I knew it had to be bigger than what we were seeing and finally we found our way thru the maze to the back where the clothes come off. We got a locker, an armband and a towel and headed into the back. Right off we saw couples sucking and fucking. We sauntered on into the furtherest back part where the "Tiki Lounge" is, continuing to see couples sucking and fucking. Time was wasting so we climbed into a bed by the pool with the curtains pulled back and got started. Within seconds we had an audience. It was a bit weird at first, having that many guys that close while you made love but after the second drink you lose what inhibitions you have left about that and just go with the flow. Within just a few minutes I had her purring and bouncing off the ceiling. She was in the throes of her orgasm and she opened her eyes to see a guy right behind her gawking at us. There must have been 10 guys and/or ladies watching us. I think they must have been trying to learn my secrets for making her cum for so long. We were about to die from the heat so one of the guys picked up one of our towels and started fanning us as we fucked our brains out. Again, it was a little weird but not intrusive. We're not inhibited but also not used to having a dozen or so people watching us.

We finished there and went back to the next room that was a lot cooler. We went to the bar and got our drinks refilled. The action was really heating up in that room and they had a couples room. There was nobody in there so we picked out a bed. There were about 5-6 king sized beds side by side and there are mirrors on the ceiling - and erotic music and videos (in every room there are several TV's with that on). We started again and went for only a few minutes before two more couples came in and took the beds next to us. We enjoyed watching each other and it only heightened our experience. We were fucking and watching when two of the ladies started kissing. Holy fuck my cock almost split from being so hard! We sucked and fucked in there for maybe 90 minutes before needing a little break. The other beds had filled up by then.

We went back into the room where there was a big LOOOOONG couch only to find a gang bang going on. There were about 20 guys standing around, waiting their turn on this hot little gal. She was sitting on a cock, sucking another cock and there were several guys finger fucking her ass and playing with her tits and ass. She was definately enjoying herself. We went back to the locker room for a shower, came back and the same girl was laying on the couch with a guy between her legs fucking her and two guys on either side of her, jacking off onto her tits. As each guy would cum on her tits she would massage it into her tits and stomach. There was another gang bang going on in another room. There was lots of girl on girl action and lots of threesome and foursomes going on.

At about 2am we ventured back into the first room to check out what was going on there only to be greeted by the aroma of food. They had a fabulous breakfast prepared and it was very welcome; we needed to replace some energy and body fluids. We had missed the evening buffet but I can only imagine how good it must have been. After eating, we went back to the Tiki room and watched some more action for awhile. About 3am we decided to drive back to the motel. I thought we were tired and would enjoy a good nights sleep but hell no! We couldn't keep our hands off each other and wound up sucking and fucking our brains out for another 30 min or so. I woke up at about 9 with a throbbing hardon and, of course, my baby thought it needed some "attention" so there we went again for another 30 min or so. It was hotter this morning than it was last night - but it was because of last night that it was so hot.

All in all it was a great experience and one that I'm sure we will enjoy again very soon, maybe next week! At least we know the ropes now, know where everything is. I would highly reccommend staying at a hotel *east* of Fulton Ind Blvd because of road construction on I-20 west of there.

ron111242 64M
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9/7/2006 3:38 pm

You have to know how many guy's are eating their heart out and jacking off after reading you story. It is something we all dream about but have yet been able to find someone to share it with, glad you got to do it. Ron

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