When we first met.  

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3/30/2006 10:06 pm
When we first met.

I found this photo in an old purse and scanned it in to show everyone, it immediately brought back a flood of memories. I think it was taken about four years ago, in a apartment I used to rent.

I had only met John about two weeks before this was taken and I was living with Jason, who's the guy in the picture with me. John took the photo with an old film type camera (old school). I think he used it to sketch from. It was the start of a torrid love triangle between us. We ended up calling ourselves the triple j's for obvious reasons.

I met John through work and was a bit weary of him initially, he would regularly tell me I looked fantastic, and often paid me compliments on my attire, her etc. I began to warm to him and when he asked if he I would model for his sketching I was really excited.

I had been in a casual relationship with Jason for about three months and was enjoying his company. When I started seeing John more regularly outside of work I was torn. I was starting to feel really attracted toward John, and still wanted to be with Jason. Quandary.

I began talking more openly with John as I started to do more risque modeling for him, nice correlation in the relationship really. It was when I took home a nude sketch of myself that Jason hit the roof, I hadn't seen his jealous side before but it was a vulnerability that made him kind of sexy.

After a great deal of persuasion I eventually convinced Jason and John to meet and to my surprise they hit it off really well. It was the morning after they met that the posted photo was taken.

It was a Saturday evening and John came to our place with a bottle of red and some beer. The guys chatted in the lounge while I organized some food. The situation just seemed to glide along and before I realized what was happening I was sitting in between them on the lounge with their hands exploring my body.

As the night wore on our relationship altered by the minute, from friends to lovers to a trio. My head was spinning. John spent that night in our bed. And I experienced one of the most erotic nights I can remember.

It wasn't the first time I had been with two men, but it was certainly the first time I commanded such respect and gleaned such pleasure from the act. The guys shared me and pleasured me as if I were a princess.

We occasionally still see Jason (it is Adelaide after all). But we don't talk about our relationship, he's married now and circumstances change. Still I like to reminisce especially of such fond and caring times.

Love Jayne

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