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2/28/2006 3:46 pm

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A feel a bit used after what has just happened. So we're getting alot of attention from this site which I love, and alot of emails and winks from single guys who'd like a one on one with me.
Anyway after discussions with "him" we set some rules, for my contact with these single males.

1. Only anal sex when he's not there.
2. He must be aware of the liaison
3. If the guy comes in my ass he must lick me clean. (personal kink)
4. Liaisons with girls are unrestricted (cool)

Pretty simple right.

So I sent a couple of emails to see how I'd go getting a little action. Great response thanks boys and girls. From the responses I was turned on by a couple of guys in particular. One of which was very available and not too big for me (so it seemed from pictures)

To be safe we arranged to meet at a cafe near his place, I had already lubed my ass which made walking very sexy and slippery. I went fairly casual and sporty, feigning a recent gym visit. I had decided to leave my nickers at home, very liberating.

So after a quick chat and drink he started rubbing my leg, and we decided to head for his place.

Now he had promised to adhere to the rules as above and also laid out in my email, cool. We walked into his apartment and he was all over me.
I let him give my pussy a good licking, and he pushed a finger into my pussy while rimming my ass. As soon as he tasted that lube he gathered foreplay wasn't essential.

He started to talk dirty to me which I love and then bent me over the foot of his bed. Now I had only seen his cock in the pictures, and as he started pushing into me I realised it was thicker than I had thought. Any way I bit my lip and pushed back hard, trying to get him in quick. It was really stretching me. He began to build a bit of a rhythm and played with my clit (very nice).

He was a strong man, and lifted me onto his bed pushing my face into the pillows rather roughly. I was horny as hell so i pushed my ass in the air and yelled "fuck my hole hard". he called me a "dirty slut" and began pounding into my bum.

I think he was getting close to coming when he pulled out unexpectedly (not good boys). He threw me over by my hips onto my back. I went with it, spreading my legs wide and pushing a pillow under my ass. He roughly rubbed my clit with the heel of his palm, and spread my pussy lips. I told him "just my ass stud, you know the rules". To which he roughly replied "you know you love it slut".

Trying to gain some control and composure I grabbed his rock hard penis and rubbed the head against my slippery ass. He couldn't resist and slipped back inside me. He was really getting into it and sweating all over me (very sexy). My legs where being pushed back so my ankles were up near my shoulders and he was building a strong rhythm. He told me to hold my ankles, which i did dutifully, as he reached down and pushed his fingers into my very wet little pussy. Straight away he pulled them out again and stuck them in my mouth (yum). He reached down again and pushed his index finger along his cock and up into my bum, withdrawing it immeaditely and pushing it back in my mouth for me to suck clean.

He raised his hand again and slapped my clit several times, really hard, I was close to coming when he then pulled out of my ass, and slammed his cock into my pussy, hard. I gasped and he covered my mouth with his hand. He then started to alternate between thrusting into my ass and pussy. I pulled his hand away from my mouth and told him "just my ass". He ignored me and continued fucking both my holes, moments later he tensed and came all over my ass, pussy and belly.

I lay back and exhaled, holding my legs back and waiting for him to start cleaning me up with his tongue and finally bring me to climax. To my horror, he stood and walked off to shower, with a casual "that was hot babe". I started to say "hey, clean this mess up". But I realised he was a lost cause. I dressed and left before he came back, feeling decidely used.
Not pleasant walking back to the car with come all over you, very sticky.

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2/28/2006 5:56 pm

Yep he broke the 'rules' thats why most couples only play together. It was a hot time but rule number one for couple is to always be in control. It keeps the assholes away. Hahahah you are going to have enen more attention now. Great blog.

Tala, Wizard of The Kingdom of BooBoBia, DEITY,

batterup17 41M
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3/2/2006 2:48 pm

Very uncool actions, obviously you're hanging with some untrustworthy types. It sounds as though you were kind of ok with the rules being broken? Lets get in contact some time. Love your Blog, keep writing

ahotcoup2006 40M/37F
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3/2/2006 10:37 pm

Yep, certainly learnt my lessoon the HARD way.

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