My massage....I mean waxing appointment  

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3/1/2006 10:16 pm

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3/11/2006 4:49 pm

My massage....I mean waxing appointment

It's really hot here today 35C (100f i think), not sure of the conversion for those not using the metric system. Trust me hot!

Anyway hot enough for me to be uncomfortable, so in my lunch time rush to the salon for previously mentioned waxing appointment (can't wait to show Sydney what's on offer), I was really hot. Aimee, who did a good job on my last visit greeted me with a big smile as I blustered in the door. Did I mention it's hot... I hate a hot northerly wind, plays havoc with my hair.

So Aimee, gets me a glass of cold water and comments on how good I'm looking. "Thanks, it's lovely and cool in here" I replied. " Um, yeah I can see your cooling off" she giggled, glancing at my breasts. I've got small brown nipples (too small I think), which like to protrude at any opportunity so with my white shirt and thin bra on they were looking very prominent. I smiled it off and she led me to the waxing room.

I removed my clothes and enjoyed the cool air conditioning on my moist skin for a moment before pulling on the robe.

Aimee, knocked on the door, "you ready for me Jayne?" "Sure, I'm decent" I joked. She brought with her a small pail covered by a towel. I thought nothing of it at the time. "So your in a bit of hurry?" she asked. I gave her the spiel about going to Sydney and how excited I was to be seeing another Mardi gras. She expained how she'd love to see one, and take it all in.
"So if you've got ten minutes extra to spare I've got something special for you". I was intrigued and decided I could skip my visit to china town for food to free up the time.

I agreed to her special treat and had suspicions of some loving coming my way. She removed my robe and asked me to lay back on the bed. I closed my eye's and relaxed in the cool air. I felt her cold hands trail across my breasts over my belly and down my legs, sendng a chill down my spine. Next I felt a cold sensation on my nipples. Ice cubes! (wow). Now the girls were really standing to attention. She circled my nipples for a few moments and glided them down my body to rest on my upper thighs. The cool trail of water was so refreshing as it evaporated away.

I was panting a little and arching my back as she placed another ice cube on my clit and trailed it up and down across my pussy lips and clit. I was in heaven. I let my legs fall apart and hang over the side of the table to provide Aimee better access. The next few cubes dissappeared into my pussy as she masterfully worked my clit. I was writhing all over the table when i felt her tongue licking the water which was dripping from pussy and wetting my ass. She continued to tongue both my pussy and ass for a few minutes before I pushed her head down hard into my pussy and let out a low groan as I climaxed.

The rest of the appointment was painfully regulation as far as waxing goes. Although I was a little numb from all that ice.

I really love the way my pussy looks after it's waxed I'll pop a few pictures in my albums once the redness dies down a bit. Let me know what you think?


Tala4u2 54M  
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3/11/2006 2:32 pm

Fantastic Jayne, when I lived in Adelaide I had the best fun introiducing girlfriends to the joy of ice cubes. You siad how I always hoped my g/f's felt it. LoL

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