Friendly Fire  

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3/12/2006 7:45 pm

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Friendly Fire

I probably should have known better than to ask her, but after a couple of glasses of wine I tend to be a bit to open with my thoughts. My good friend Jade was in town for the long weekend, so she stayed with me last night so we could indulge all our girlie fetishes (wine, chocolate, girl talk and some intimacy of course.

Jade has a very similar perspective on life to me, i think that's why we've friends for so long even with her living interstate for the past three years. We always seem to pick up right where we left off, I love low maintenance relationships. She also gives the best oral sex I've ever experienced.

Put simply she was absolutely horrified at my contemplation of accepting money for sex. I certainly received an unedited version of exactly what she thinks of this guy. I'm still unsure, but I'm not going to be rushed into another meeting with him anyway, I think I'll just turn the cold shoulder for a couple of weeks.

I jumped on line and showed her our profile and she read my blogs. She really likes the site, but wasn't that keen on all the guys that seem to dominate the site? But then she's always preferred a woman's company. I hope she puts a profile on, trust me she'd get and incredible amount of attention. By way of description she's 5ft 11", red shoulder length hair, long sexy legs that seem to go forever and very perky breasts. I should explain she works in Melbourne as a model and seems to be doing very well (easy to see why).

Luckily she didn't get too pissed with me over the whole "cash for coital" incident and we enjoyed a fantastic night together. I introduced her to a couple of my new toys and in return received a fantastic tongue lashing which lasted over an hour and had me bucking and squirming all over the lounge suite.

I love sleeping with her in the true sense of word as she's gives the best spoons. Nothing like feeling another woman's soft feminine touch all night. I just wish we got a little more sleep, I think Clinique's profits will be through roof with all my use of their eye cream lately.


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