A night out (and in)  

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3/18/2006 2:30 pm
A night out (and in)

It's always nice to wake up with a sticky wet pussy, and a dull pain, that reminds you just how hard the sex was last night.

He has always had a type of sixth sense, which seems to know exactly when my pussy needs to be gently kissed and caressed. And that was certainly case this morning, even if he did have a little helper.

He arrived home as expected and I picked him up from the Airport in a sexy little black dress, without any nickers. I threw my arms around his neck in the airport and felt my dress ride up to flash my ass and I guess if you were seated you'd have received a nice view of my bald little pussy too.

I gave him head in the car on the way home, he'd shaved and looked very appertising. He came in my mouth before we even pulled into our street (Quite a lot too, nearly choked me).

His bags were left in the car and his penis was pushing into my pussy as we closed the front door behind us. He lifted me up and lent me against the wall as he thrust his penis into me hard. I then bent down in front of him and held my ankles as he grabbed my hips and thrust into me again. His balls slapped against my clit (I love that). After a few minutes he pulled out of my pussy came around in front of me and came in my mouth again. I continued to massage his balls and suck on his penis until he became flaccid.

I jumped in the shower, knowing we didn't have much time to get ready, I'd made a late dinner reservation. After a quick rinse and make up refresher, we were heading out the door.

Dinner was lovely and I recounted several of my adventures, that occurred in his abscence. Of course the sexy exploits had their desired effect and I was soon stroking his hard penis under the table. I even performed the old drop the fork trick just to get his hot cock back in my mouth for a moment.

After dinner we headed across to the pub for a drink (Adelaide must have the highest concentration of bars in world, slight exaggeration) I'd arranged to meet up with one of our favourite girlfriends.

Alexis was standing at the bar, trying to avoid the attention of a group of young guys. I casually walked across the busy room and kissed her deeply on the mouth. The boys nearly lost their shit, as she felt my ass and exposed my nickerless bum to all. We teased the rest of the guys in the bar for ten minutes by openly caressing each other and jointly kissing my partner (I'm going to tell you something, becasue it's really shitting me to constantly call John my partner, so there his name is John). We finished our drinks and with Alexis on one arm and me on the other John walked from the bar with the respect and I think jealous envy of 30 odd guys.

I'll tell the rest of the story soon, or some of you may be able to fill in the blanks if you caught the three of us on cam, and I know more about 800 peple did (mmm. still makes me horny the thought of so many watching)


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