Poem- Fertile Soil  

agoddesstoday 38F
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1/2/2006 7:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Poem- Fertile Soil

Candle light, twilights night
hand in hand, upon the shoreline
Wined and dined, contentment...
Full moon rising above
Twinkling, hope's fill the sky
Walking along, paces matched
Leisurely stroll, no voids here.
Drifting along wonderment of love's hold
Bam** Like lightening one's gone
Quick, long strides, captured again!
Giggling, laughing, flying, whirling
Waves crashing, roaring, oblivious
Teasing and nourishing, loving and holding
Arms... so tight, welcoming, accepting
Yearning for those time again
Having knowledge of that,
Surviving, Surviving, surviving, SURVIVING!!
Damn tired of just Surviving,
Sick and damn tired!
Please.... Help me.... I can't....
Living with, it's torcher,
I need more!
I try, and try-
No fertile soil, Seed's not taking root,
Hands are only Mirage's
NO one's really there, no one really cares,
Storms above, and endless rain
Far back as memories go
Seems it's never stopped
In this pocket of space, I know
It's my burden to carry,
Was given the strength of it,
To outshine even the worst
Yes (sniff, sniff) I do know.
Please though, I need a break
Continuous pressure, something's gonna pop!
A warning for now, can't say you didn't know
You're seeing them now, pay heed!
The lost can only stay lost for so long
Either they're found, or gone forever
Biggest fear, being forgotten
having done so much to impact all of it
having done so much yet not even giving pause
thoughts to the deserving one
Please, let some roots take,
Strength's waning, tensions mounting
Share with me as Bursting seeds

rm_ready4funn0w 42M
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1/15/2006 7:55 pm

So, when will we be getting more great poetry like this? Is the mind feeling barren or furtile?

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