Endless Middleman  

agoddesstoday 39F
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1/24/2006 8:54 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Endless Middleman

A book, a bag, and a coke
The day, which began so early
Is off to a running start
Orderly lines, Please step to the right
Endless corradoorrs, time to step up now
recycled air begtins, don't forget to strap in now
Maybe in for a bumpy ride- or not!
Ker-Plunk, Ker-Plunk!
Well! That was quick painless and relatively uneventful
ready for more endless corradoors, another fast pase'd hike
Or not- Yeah! Zoom-Zoom away!
Onward, to a quick pitstop and maybe refreshments
Hope there's enough time, badly needed!
Swoosh~ Opened doors to Journey onwards
Oh no! I found those endless corradoors atfterall
Journey onward, another quick hike
Confusing signs, which way? Oh ok
down again, almost there now- 88,87,86,85...
Where's 84!?!?!? Oh down again, and to check in
Is there enough tinme? Good, backtrack to back up again
A quick pitstop- Oh God! There's a line!
They better hurry! My need's great! hmmm!
Time for refreshments?? Crap! Oh no!
I hear them calling me, no time now!
Loading up, another middle-man
To the final leg, of a crazy Journey
Stranger and stranger, Rush, Rush, Rush
UP 1,2,3,4.5.6. and I'm on again
Resting comfortably, against the wall and yet,
Strangely unimcumbered, and leg-room to boot!
This journey began so long ago
Though Mercifully time's been swift
Patients now, my last leg's about to begin
Call your heart, call your soul, Check your ride
Pre-Planned preperations all fell into order
And now power off your lifeline
To be drilled again! Rules, Rules, Rules!
Yeah Yeah, Yeah, I've heard it all before
And still, gracefully sedate, I'll listen again
Ever patient and kind, simmer down, they begin
Moving from the curp, speed's about to commence
Gondess, Where's the speed? Are we going in circles?
stopped now, waiting in another line
Joy! We're off and running!
faster and faster, everything blurs
so fast, I almost feel like I'm flying
Ready, Set Go. Final stretch at last!
watch the pressure, building but comfortable
patience is a virtue, The pressure is already beginning to equalize
On a fast track, heading once again to home
To a place where I left a few pieces of my heart behind
To gather together, and share in my celibration
and know that I'm loved, even if I can't stay
living so far away, pieces of my heart scattered about
til I can celebrate my beginning with them again
speeding along so high, I feel like I'm in the clouds
Joy spreads throughout my soul. I'm almost home
so close, I can almost hear them
journey from cold dark night to bright light of new dawn
til after the sun peaks and begins its decent and I'll be home
I took a little journey here
started with a relaxing car ride
and in the end, all I can say is I got in the car
To take a plane to get on the train and ride the bus
to another plane - to journey home
all to hold the pieces of my heart together again
if only for a little while

Tsetsu 105M  
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2/9/2006 10:43 pm

Such incredible insight and attention to detail. Pieces of my Heart..hmmmmmmmm.

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