things are looking up!  

affslut4all 41F
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6/6/2006 4:30 am

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6/16/2006 4:42 am

things are looking up!

i am getting emails from some very nice AFFers!

monkeyboy818 37M

6/6/2006 5:11 am

Im glad you are, nobody wants to speak to me

rm_alaaan7 42M
2 posts
6/6/2006 5:16 am

rm_alaaan7 42M
2 posts
6/6/2006 5:19 am

hi there we wish to talk!!

alchemistz9 56M

6/6/2006 5:19 am

Delighted to hear it.

Afraid I'm in the same camp as monkeyboy above

rm_PurryKitty2 48M/49F
9753 posts
6/6/2006 5:55 am

Glad it is going well for you!

Do tell us the details

Purry {=}


monkeyboy818 37M

6/6/2006 10:41 am

Would you like to be my first?

Razzamatazzy 52M

6/7/2006 12:10 pm

I am thinkin dat we gots to change sex if we want any time at all Monkeyboy. Now if she wants to look this way we can help her out. hope it goes betta for the rest of the guys. Hey AFFSLUT,,,,,,, mine stands like that only thicker )~

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