20 December 2005  

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20 December 2005

I rented a local motel room, so Hector, Melissa, and myself could have some fun. After a rather slow beginning, We were finally able to get loosened up enough to have fun sexually. Hector wasted not time in getting undressed. He got naked and spent most of his time stroking his cock, while we were trying to get things started. Next, I took my clothes off, and climbed under the covers, so I wasn't actually showing my nudity, but I was ready to get started. Eventually, we were able to convince Melissa to take her clothes off too. When she got undressed, she had a very nice slim figure with nice thighs. Melissa did wrap a towel aroung her waist, so her pussy wasn't easily seen. After awhile, I noticed her nice little bush just under the towel that was wrapped around her. Her pussy was a very refreshing sight.
Melissa sat in between us two men, and she took hold of both of our cocks with each of her hands. Melissa began to stroke our cocks for us, and she said that it felt so good to have two cocks at one time. I was glad that she could have that good attitude about it. Somehow, Melissa finally began to suck Hector's cock. The sight of her sucking Hectors cock was so nice. Melissa was definately enjoying the experience. This experience was Melissa's first threesome. Hector started to work on her sexually, so I reached out and began to rub Melissa's skin lightly. I was helping her to enjoy the touch of two men at one time. Melissa seemed to be getting more excited about the situation. Next, Hector and I laid on both sides of Melissa, and she told us to suck her tits. I reached for her nipple with my finger tips, so I could get a good feel for the size of her nipples. I was really enjoying Melissa's tits. Melissa told us to suck on her tits, and I could hear Hector sucking her tits hard. I'm a bit more gentle, but I was sucking her tits too. I knew that Melissa was going to be getting wet at her pussy because of the foreplay. I began to reach down there so I could feel the moisture.

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9/25/2006 6:04 am

Loved your erotic story...It certainly got me aroused and left me wanting more.

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