So... ya.. there  

adventuresome72 44M/48F
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5/10/2006 1:53 am

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6/23/2006 11:31 pm

So... ya.. there

I was just cruising around the internet and ran across some breakdancing/gymnastics/capoeira

There is this guy called Junior... the level of power and control there is really quite shocking -- it causes you to really question what is gravity, and exactly how limiting should it be? Can you say: "air pushup?" Oh my fucking gawd!

[edit] Hmm, looks like AdultFriendFinder is not happy with external links... whatever.

go to "www . metacafe . com" and do a search for
"Amazing Breakdance Moves" It'll be the one rated at the top

I'm not a breakdancer, I don't think I'll ever be one, but I appreciate that in this world there are people out there that do things to such a high level that you can look and just smile with pure joy at the beauty and skill that they can display.

Life really is cool -- things like this remind me of it from time to time.

rm_xxxkaixxx3 46M
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5/10/2006 11:51 am

It is a wonderful photograph!
Wonderful couple



adventuresome72 44M/48F
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5/13/2006 10:26 pm

Thank you for your compliment.

k_takahiro 37M
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5/22/2006 6:19 pm

It seems that the beach in this photo isn't in Japan... Where?

adventuresome72 44M/48F
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6/5/2006 9:01 pm

Hi takahiro-san;

Actually it is in Japan (technically).

It is Okinawa, we went to Kumejima last year. It was very nice.

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