Two men and a lady  

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Two men and a lady

One of the most amazing threesomes began with a simple party joke. "What's the difference between a wife and a girlfriend?" my roommate Ron asked. Answer "about 45 pounds." To which a young woman leaned in and asked "What's the difference between a husband and a boyfriend?" Answer: "about 45 minutes!"
The woman, named Sharon, was about 5' tall, very curvy for just 85 pounds, with bright blue eyes and blond hair. "You sound like someone speaking from experience?" I asked. "Why is it that we women are just getting started, when you men are just getting finished?" she asked with a bit of sarcasm in her voice. "Maybe what you need is an extra friend" I suggested. From there, I told Sharon about a recent encounter where Ron and I had entertained a young woman for hours on end by merely taking turns. Hence the new nicknamed "tag team." She giggled and walked away.
Later that night, I ended up back at the apartment, feet up, beer in hand, Sports center on the TV. I should have noticed that Ron's door was closed. About 20-minutes later, Ron came out of his room, wearing only his boxer shorts, and looking like he'd been running a marathon. "She wants to talk to you" Ron said.
"Who?" I asked. "Sharon, that blond from the party." Wow! What a surprise.
I went into the bedroom to find her under the sheets, obviously still deep in the throes of her previous passion. "Were you serious about your offer?" she asked.

What would you say?

Let's just say that foreplay was at a minimum.
After a long and passionate kiss, she pulled back the covers and began pulling off my clothing. It was clear to see that her engine was still purring, and needed to be revved up. As I positioned myself over her, she almost frantically tried to pull me into her. Obviously this called for taking things slowly. Gradually, I slid into her, taking advantage of her building tensions to control the tempo.
That's when it hit her. An enormous orgasm ripped through her body. She clutched the sheets, clutched her teeth, and tensed up with each wave.

The fun was just beginning.

I have always found it easy to sustain a long session when things are going really, really well. By her third orgasm, Sharon began a low guttural moan that began to build louder and louder with each breath. As she climaxed, she literally screamed out. Her motions matched her volume, slamming into me faster and faster. I just had to join in the fun.

As we lay there exhausted, I heard a knock on the door. "Are you OK in there?" Ron asked.
"Come on in, the party's fine" I answered.
To her credit, Sharon was exhausted, but ready to continue. Ron was more then ready to comply.
For the next six hours, we continued our amazing session.

The following Tuesday, Sharon called to say she had slept for nearly 48-hours, and had just one question: "When can we schedule a rematch?"

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