The student, and the stallion  

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12/14/2005 2:54 pm

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The student, and the stallion

Recently I visited a friend who raises horses to watch one of his prized stallions at work. Bob's mare was in heat, and he put her in the same barn as the stallion the night before, causing the big, jet black stallion to become pretty unreasonable.

A college student who boards a horse at the barns there said she wanted to help out. At first, the mare didn't want to cooperate.
We finally moved her into the breeding stall.
For some reason, the stallion suddenly decided not to take any interest. So, we moved the horses side by side. The stallion instantly began making his move. First, he started nuzzling the mare's neck behind the ear. Then playfully began pushing on her neck, until she began pushing back. Bob said "that's the signal, let's move him into position."

I looked down, and the stallion was fully erect. This thing must have been three feet long. At first, the stallion began trying to push his weight on top of the mare gently, while the mare wiggled underneath to try and help him find the right spot. You try it without using hands! Slowly, slowly the stallion pushed forward until his member was just at the entrance. I couldn't figure out what he was waiting for. That's when the mare relaxed her muscles and opened up. Suddenly, all hell brok loose. The stallion bucked forward, driving himself into the mare in one quick motion. The mare's eyes shot wide open. From that point on, the stallion was relentless... savagly driving into the mare repeatedly. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted the college student backed into a corner. She was breathing fairly heavily. Her left hand clutching her breast, her right hand rubbing her thigh pretty close to her crotch. My attention quickly returned to the stallion who suddenly tensed up, and just about slammed the mare through the stall as he erupted in orgasm. Looking at the young girl, she has tensed up too!

Slowly, the two animals came back to earth. "That's my boy" Bob kept saying, as the two uncoupled, and the stallion became extremely easy to handle. As for the girl, she was propped up against the wall running her hand through her hair, her breath slowly coming back.
Later, when I asked Bob about it, he said "It happens... more then you think. There's something about the full animal nature of the act that some women find overwhelming."

I never thought of it that way, but have always wondered if it might make a fun first date!

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