The stripper, the couple, and the near miss  

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12/12/2005 12:00 pm

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The stripper, the couple, and the near miss

Here's one you might appreciate.
On a bachelor party weekend to las Vegas, we ended up at Cheetah's strip club, where the drinks were cold and the women were hot.
This one woman named Natasha decided that I needed some personal attention and dragged me into the VIP room. Picture a dimly lit circular area with carpet covering everything.
Natasha was doing her very best to entertain my lap area, but the distraction next to me was too much to ignore. A young couple had hired a busty blonde to perform for the both of them.
Watching this women entertain both was much more entertaining then Natasha, who promptly sat down next to me and took in the show. The blonde slowly worked her magic using her hands on first the husband, and then the wife. In fact her hands seemed to linger quite a bit on the wife's breasts. Then a few light kisses from the stripper really starting things moving. At this point, Natasha decided I really needed more attention and jumped back into my lap, using her muscles to massage my lap.

When I looked back, the stripper and the wife had changed places! The wife began slowly removing the straps of her shirt and slid them down, giving just as much attention to the stripper as she did to the husband. Natasha, not amused by this distraction said "Hey, what are you doing?" But the wife simply replied, "It's OK, we've done this before!"

Wow! Talk about a hot scene. By the time the wife was down to her G-string, she had my full attention. So... I boldly reached into my pocket... took out a 10 dollar bill, and tucked it into her G-string. With that, she smiled... looked at her husband... and came over, moving Natasha out of the way, and performed a truely wonderful lap dance. I glanced at her husband who was smiling the entire time! Of course, the blonde stripper was still giving him plenty to do. Natasha, only sat by watching.

Then the blonde stripper said "I'm off in 10-minutes, do you want to find a more private setting?" Right. Like I'd say no.
15-minutes later, we were back at the Luxor.
The stripper and the husband on one bed. The wife and I on the other. There was a tension in the room, so I offered to go get drinks.

A quick elevator ride downstairs, found me at the bar, loading up on a tray full of rum punches. Then disaster. At the elevator, I couldn't remember the room number. I tried a few floors our of desperation, but they all look the same. An hour later, I ended up back at the bar, downing the drinks, hoping they might come and find me. No luck.

The rest... is entirely left to my imagination!

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