The Exotic Erotic Ball Mis-Adventure  

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The Exotic Erotic Ball Mis-Adventure

This is one of my favorite tales, as told to me by two close friends.

Bob tells me he has been on the road for too many weekends, and needed to spice things up with his long-distance companion Lori. So, he arranges to have surprise package sent, with a grand scheme in place for a rendezvous in San Francisco at the ever popular Exotic Erotic Ball.
Switch gears now for Lori's side of the story!

Lori: So this package arrives with a plane ticket from Seattle to San Francisco, car and hotel reservations, and a box. The note said "wear this, and we'll meet up at the ball!"
Inside, was something straight out of the Broadway show "Cats," a tight fitting black body suit, with fur, a wig, and fairly detailed instructions on how to put on the makeup, with rubber pieces for the cheek and the nose. "Oh this should be interesting," I thought.
Two days later, I was in my hotel room trying like crazy to figure out the makeup. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to learn, the costume was crotchless! The way it fit, you couldn't really tell by looking at it from the front, but it was definitely open!

Inside the hall, I couldn't believe all the craziness! People were dancing, and partying in all different combinations, and costumes which were a heck of a lot more bold then mine!
Almost immediately, I started to attract attention. Lots of looks, and lots of guys coming over. It must have been the outfit. I am a modest 36C, but the tight outfit left little to the imagination. I needed a drink!

Two shots of tequila, and margarita in hand, I found myself next to another single woman, also dressed like a cat. We instantly hit it off!
We found a small table by the railing where we could chat, and fend off the followers.
I suddenly found myself feeling very erotic. I have never had a lesbian experience, but I was somewhat attracted to this woman. Maybe it was her bright blue eyes, or that we had to lean into each other so close in order to hear ourselves speak.

She had joined me in helping me spot Bob. The problem was that I wasn't sure how he would be dressed. "Is that him?" my new friend asked. Sure enough, there in the middle of the dance floor was Bob, dressed in a skin tight "Cat in the Hat" outfit. His makeup was just as distinct, but that all too familiar bulge in his outfit gave him away. With the dance floor packed, he couldn't move much, but seemed to be giving way too much attention to a young blond dressed at Bo Peep. You see, we have often roll played the game where we meet at a bar, and pretend to be total strangers. I guess this is to get even with that young airman I was flirting with back in Seattle.

"Two can play that game," I said out loud. Enlisting the help of my new friend (I only wish I knew her name) I grabbed her hand and headed to the dance floor. Dancing together, we slowly moved our way to the middle, in hopes of getting Bob's attention. Finally, we made it and I caught his eye. That stinker turned his head away as if I didn't exist! My friend noticed me getting a bit angry, and said "let's get his attention?" "You mean put on a show?" I replied? She grinned.

With that, we began dirty dancing. Coming closer, moving our hands and mouths all over each other, without really touching. I'm not sure if it was the booze, or the moment, but I began to really get hot. Suddenly, we began kissing. A peck or two, then we both melted into each other. Her tongue was marvelous!
I almost forgot to look at Bob. Then I grinned. He was looking our way now! So I gave him the most seductive "c'mon over here" gesture I could muster. "Let's keep up the surprise," my friend whispered. I couldn't agree more.

It almost felt like the two of us were the only ones dancing. I was really getting into this woman. Her hands began to roam to my breasts, and my stomach. She slid her hand down between my legs and suddenly her eyes opened, she said "Oh My!" as she discovered my secret.
With that, I felt Bob right behind me, he hardness pressing against me. I not sure how it happened. Between my friend reaching her hand under me, my hand pressing her on, and Bob pushing from behind, his crotchless outfit no longer held him back, and within an instant he was inside me. It was the most erotic moment you can imagine. My new friend, molded into me in the front, her hands knowing just where to touch, with Bob thrusting into me from behind. While everyone else just thought we were doing some new dance.

Without warning, he erupted. Surprisingly, so did I. So intense, my legs began to buckle. But my friend, held me upright. As I gathered my breath, my friend motioned and said "your friend has disappeared... let's go back and sit down." I could hardly walk. We made it back to another table while I slowly began to unwind.

Not too long after, a familiar voice whispered in my ear "boy do you look sexy." Bob had finally decided to give me his full attention.
But my new friend had this odd look on her face of surprise, and somewhat disbelief. I turned around, and nearly panicked! There was Bob, dressed like a sexy hound dog! I quickly glanced out on the dance floor, and there was the Cat in the Hat! With that, I gained my composure and gave Bob my full attention. Sensing that there was to be no more between us, my new friend said goodbye and made her way over to some new friends.

Bob and I continued to have a great time. I'll always wonder what happened to those "cats" in SF.
Thanks Lori.
As for Bob, the two of them have gone their separate ways. Unfortunately, Lori never told him the true story.
He's about to read about it here for the first time.

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