How ice can be a great aphrodiasic!  

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1/30/2006 3:31 pm

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How ice can be a great aphrodiasic!

A lover of mine, Cathy once turned me on to something you'd never believe.


Oh sure, it was the middle of summer, and we had just decided to end our cat and mouse flirtations and finally hook up.

Things progressed at her apartment the way you'd expect. Passionate kissing with the promise of things to come. Slowly undressing. There's something about seeing a woman completely naked that leaves a vision in your mind forever.
Cathy was a young hard body, with no tan lines, and short bleached blond hair. I say that because I was quick to learn the "carpet didn't match the drapes" if you know what I mean.

Suddenly, she pushed me onto my back, and got up and left. OK, I thought, now what's up.
She returned with a bowl full of ice. I must have looked confused, as the only words she spoke were "just relax." With that, she put an ice cube in her mouth, and began to rub an icy wet kiss all over my body. At first it seemed a bit strange, but the vision of her working me over was intense! By the time she had reached my cock, the sensation was amazing!

After 10-minutes, I couldn't stand it anymore, pushed her onto her back, and mounted her quickly and deeply. We both gasped! She was very wet and warm. I was obviously very hard and very cold. The sensation caused her orgasm to rise quickly and rapidly. Ironically, the cold treatment had me lasting for what seemed forever!
Just about the time I thought I was thawing out, she would orgasm again and the sheer ecstasy of the moment had me doing more watching, then joining in the fun!

When I did cum, it was intense! Something about being so extraordinarily hard made the sensation even more pleasurable.

I spent the rest of the evening using the ice on her. The most intense moment was when I used the ice to brush against her clit, causing it to rise up and be extremely hard too.

Cathy, if you're reading this... thanks for the memory!

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