Starting Out  

adventureking3 56M
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5/31/2006 6:24 am
Starting Out

I've made several trips to the Western US before, but I've never tried this stuff. I'm brand new to this. I live mainly in Europe, but travel extensively. I used to be into computers and property development and retired about five years ago at a very young 40.

I'm in Scotland right now. Tonight I leave for a trip to Kalymnos in the Aegean Sea; a small Greek island off the Turkish Coast. After two weeks chilling and climbing there I will make my way to Colorado for the start of my US trip. Hopefully I will keep going until the spring of 2007. Depends how the RV holds out! Highlights will be the big mountains of Colorado and the remote parts of the high Sierra in California. No fixed itinerary as yet, but loads of ideas.

Hope to take in some remote regions of Canada and perhaps go down through Mexico into Central America. Totally flexible though.

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