Sweet! Sweet! Lips!  

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1/12/2006 5:41 pm

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Sweet! Sweet! Lips!

I peeped through the peephole and saw him standing there at the door, salt pepper hair, somewhat average and stout. He had a leather jacket on. He was surprisingly pleasant looking. This was the first time we had met. I opened the door, and flashed him a big smile. I told him to come in, but he seemed somewhat nervous. I then turned to him and said “I’m so glad you made it through rain and all”! Then I gave him a big hug, and planted a sultry wet kiss on his lips with his mustache tickling me. I could feel his tension melt within my arms. He then wrapped his arms around me and grasped me firm at this point and kissed me harder. Obviously his inhibitions were now gone knowing that I was comfortable around him. As he loosened his embrace on me and our lips unlocked I gleamed at him, and with a very perky voice asked him if he would like a drink. He said yes, and asked for some ice water. I walked to the bar and prepared a glass for him. He told me he had wanted to see me for a long time. He had seen a number of ladies online but had been disappointed and heard nothing but good things about me. At hearing this I cringed a little, because I never do to well under someone’s expectations. No one does… it’s like being put on a pedestal and waiting to be knocked off. I then told him that I was flattered by his remarks and gently grabbed his hand and lead him to the bedroom. As we entered I had candles lit all over the place and soft rock music playing. The candlelight flickered against the walls and showed our shadows, it gave the room a soft orange glow. He sat his glass down on the dresser and then stood in front of me almost unsure of what I would do next. So I guided him to the bed. I had him stand in front of the bed and slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off exposing a heavy tanning. I began kissing each of his nipples and flicking them with my tongue. Then I licked his chest all the way down to his navel. Then I began unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. His pants slipped to his knees and I grabbed his buttocks with my hands and pressed my face into his crotch nuzzling him gently. Then I slowly guided his underwear down and sat him on the bed while completing the act of undressing him. He moaned and writhed a little on the bed. I would not let him lay down yet though, he had to still sit up. Then I began to tongue bathe him from calves to thighs to inner groin, then slowly slipped him into my mouth. Sucking gently with rhythm and using my hands to gently cup his balls. Back and forth, back and forth deeper and deeper in my mouth, he grew and got harder within my mouth. I could her him moaning and groaning and I could taste his juices within my mouth. God he tasted good. Then suddenly he grabbed my shoulders and stopped me and said “not yet, I want you but I want this to last”. He then stood moved me gently onto the bed. He began gently pulling my shorts off over my thighs down my knees. I had no underwear on so this made it easy for him. He began kissing my inner thighs, and groin, and then started rooting for my precious pearl. He found it without a hitch and gently rolled his tongue around and around in small circles upon it. I was in heightened ecstasy and could feel myself getting wetter. He then put his fingers in his mouth and moistened them, then inserted them gently into my vagina. His tongue upon my clit working it, sucking on it gently, his fingers inside me massaging my G-spot. He was going to make me cum, and I could feel the sensation start to wash over me. I could feel my face flushing, and I began to feel that tingling sensation. By this time I was moaning loudly and my hips were moving back and forth. He wouldn’t stop, I didn’t want him to and finally the nerves all through out my body rushed the sensation and my vagina spasmed and gushed as I climaxed. I let slim a sultry sound, not really knowing what I said, but it caught him by surprise as I did so. My legs wrapped tightly around his body, and the aftershocks were coming. I could feel little tremors and shakes after my climax. God that was heaven! His tongue, continue working tenderly, flicking, squeezing, and bring another wave of abs crunching delight to meeee! He then lay on top of me and kissed me deeply, he didn’t say anything just kept kissing me and fondling/exploring my body. Massaging, rubbing, and rubbing the tension out, this is the best I have felt in months. Skill came in a different package, and I sure was enjoying it-toe curling good! He gently squeezed my breasts, and moved his hands over my body as though soothing me for the next go round. He wasn’t finished with me. He was preparing me for the next earth crasher.

In a very gentle swift move he flipped me over and began kissing my back and buttocks. I felt his strong hands place themselves in between my thighs and push my legs apart. He then grabbed a pillow and with one arm under my waist he lifted me up and placed the pillow under my belly. His tongue again started exploring my butt/cunt, working them expertly-learning his way around the orifices. Then I felt him rubbing himself against the outer lips of my vagina. It was wet and slippery. He was really hard, but it felt so good. He was rubbing my buttocks and that alone was making me anxious. Who was this new, wonderful strange guy, rocking my world? Then without warning he entered me and I gasped. He was hard and at first it was intrusive and unexpected, so naturally I tightened up. I think that is what he wanted; I wanted to please this man! Then he began his rhythmic thrusts in me, slowly going deeper with each thrust. I could feel him getting harder, and could hear his breathing get louder. He was holding my hips firm and guiding them with his strokes. Faster and harder, and as he did I tighten more as it was pain and pleasure at the same time. Suddenly I could hear a small murmur from his lips and felt a warm gush inside me. He then lay upon my back and I could feel his heart racing. Skin to skin we were sweaty, breathless and climatically exhausted. He then rolled over and asked me to cuddle with him. So I did… I snuggled up to him close and closed my eyes as my head laid upon his chest. He felt comfortable, no pretence, no stress. After about a half hour of sleep he woke me up and said he had to go. He kissed me on the lips and forehead. Worked his way down to my still moist lips and every so gently recalled them to attention. This was better than my toys or fingers, the real tongue, the real cock. Men! SWEETS, just grinned. I was ready to sleep, sleep and dream of my wonderful orgasm… Call me

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