Initial Entry... the 44 y/o with the g-string  

adultphotogks 39M
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6/2/2006 9:33 pm
Initial Entry... the 44 y/o with the g-string

So when I'm not taking photos or making music, I work in the medical field. Today this 44 y/o patient comes in and she's looking fine. She's got some nice breast implants and a tight body to match. If you saw her, you wouldn't know she was 44 at all. So she walks into the office and bends over to pick up a paper that was on the floor, when low and behold her g-string pops up from under her jogging pants. "Damn that's some shit!" I said to myself. How many 44 y/o women do you see walking around wearing g-string underwear? And yet one more reason why I just LOVE older women in this day and age. They look sexy, they dress sexy, and let's face it... they're great in the sack!

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