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8/5/2005 9:44 pm

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A Ladies Blog Indexing

Well, fanatical bloggers, such as myself, are getting quite a list of blogs, some interesting, some just kind of rants, some informative, some exploring sexual question in attitudes and beliefs, but I think the indexing system could be better. Sometimes I see a blog that interests me more, and I'd like to go back and check for additional comments because often the comments really add to the blog, but they get buried.

To unbury or index mine better, I've made a list, and I've put an * beside the ones that I think were a little more entertaining.

The fastest way to blogs this way is by using the calendar feature, select the month and hit go and you can see a link in the dates. The first one is *'d for the comments.

Date Title
Feb 23* Sex Questions - gag reflex
Feb 26 Censorship
Feb 26 Long ago memory
Feb 27 Why does a dog lick his balls?
Feb 28 Is this safe sex?
Mar 1 Squirting
Mar 2 Practicalities of working with AdultFriendFinder
Mar 2 Who has an interesting blog?
Mar 3 Anorexic desires
Mar 5 A tribute to a man in my past
Mar 6 Licking pussy
Mar 8 100,000 views
Mar 8 Broadcast
Mar 9 The slippery slope of sex sites
Mar 11 Male-Female Sexual Double Standards
Mar 13 Healthy sexual attitudes - where they start
Mar 15 Cast from Eden
Mar 17 That first real sexual desire
Mar 18 Masturbating for giving erotic pleasure
Mar 19 The injury - the thoughts of a 13-year-old
Mar 19 Wonderful surprises
Mar 19 The taste and texture of cum
Mar 19 What is acceptable to censor
Mar 20 What's in a wink
Mar 20* The Beach
Mar 21 What's wrong with missionary?
Mar 23 Latest AdultFriendFinder bug.
Mar 23* Nude in the Hot Tub - Was being 18 really like that?
Mar 23 Disappearing Blogs
Mar 24 Losing interest in a sex relationship
Mar 24 The quick reply feature
Mar 25* You want to take nude pictures of me? Are you kidding?
Mar 25 Cum shots -- Hot or not
Mar 26 Journalism 101 -- tips for success on a fickle forum
Mar 27 More questions on cum shots -- gender differences?
Mar 28* opps, didn't someone warn you that you could just get carry away?
Mar 28 Having two girls at the same time - Your fantasy or not?
Mar 29 Freewilly - Joke of the day
Mar 29 Quick replies revisited
Mar 30 Sexual compatibility - Does a sexual soulmate exist?
Apr 2* A Kiss You Never Forget
Apr 3 Sexual Soulmates revisted
Apr 3 So you think you are only blogging on AdultFriendFinder?
Apr 4 Masturbation fantasies
Apr 5 So this is swinging - exploring the bi-side
Apr 5 The broadcast link, where it moved
Apr 7 Male ejaculaton, orgasm and control
Apr 8 Where's the soap? That's one dirty mouth
Apr 9 Freebies for Standards
Apr 10 New blog bug?
Apr 10 Most desireable sexual quality?
Apr 10 Aren't men supposed to be more experienced?
Apr 10 Losing virginity
Apr 11 The first time I saw cum
Apr 12 Dumbbell for pussy
Apr 13 Those little blue pills
Apr 13 Abbreviations
Apr 14 Silly Associations
Apr 14 Sexual judgement?
Apr 16 Make sure you are sexually compatible
Apr 16 Talking dirty
Apr 16 Too good a question
Apr 17 Fornication of the body - WARNING - not light reading
Apr 17 Morning breath
Apr 18 A story that totally captured me
Apr 18 Yet another bug
Apr 19 What I like most about blogging
Apr 19 Bug and censorship rant
Apr 20 Safe Sex Question
Apr 20 Missing Posts and Pictures
Apr 20* Making a video introduction -- never do this alone.
Apr 21 Using pictures that aren't your own.
Apr 21 My body paint fantasy
Apr 22 And so it begins
Apr 23 You shouldn't be on here because -- telling others what to do
Apr 23 Snow bikini
Apr 23 Anal questions
Apr 23 Teflon comments
Apr 23 Network invites and albums
Apr 24 So, its that time of the month
Apr 24 Interesting blogs

shark69_sg 48M

8/11/2005 10:02 pm

hey where do i find this blog ? i looked up your calendar index ... couldn't find it.

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