Trixie's sexual life part 3  

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Trixie's sexual life part 3

The next day, Trixie called Alan and invited him over to Eric and Cassie’s home. They had invited her to spend the Sunday night with them, and her father had approved. An hour later Alan knocked at their door. Eric answered it, and welcomed him inside. He started to lead him to where the girls were waiting, but Alan grabbed his arm.

“I need to talk to you first.”

Eric led Alan into the den and closed the door, and then asked him what was on his mind. Alan hesitated a moment, then replied that Trixie had told him the previous night about what had happened between them.

“And I suppose you want to hit me,” Eric calmly said.

“No, I know Trixie’s hot. If you don’t mind telling me, how is she? She gave me a fabulous blowjob yesterday, but then her dad got home. So we never got to try anything else.”

“Alan, I think you will have to answer that one yourself.”

Eric then led Alan to the living room. Alan could not believe his eyes when he saw Trixie wearing an extremely sheer blue nightie. Before he could say anything, she ran to him and pressed her lips against his. The thin material allowed her half erect nipples to be felt as she pressed against his chest. Then he noticed Cassie. She wore a nightie just as sheer as Trixie’s, but in soft white. He could even make out the patch of red hair through the material. Then Trixie told him she wanted to make out with him.

“Don’t you think we should go somewhere more…private?” he asked.

Trixie replied, “Alan, I have enjoyed sex with the both of them, as I told you last night. And I want to share us with them.” Then she looked at Cassie and added, “Should we give these guys a good show?”

Cassie smiled and replied, “Of course!”

Eric sat down next to Alan on the sofa, and watched as the girls kissed passionately. Seconds later, both women were nude. Trixie kissed Cassie’s breasts tenderly, and then gently bit her nipples. One of Trixie’s hands grabbed Cassie’s firm ass while the other reached between her legs and gently massaged the redhead’s clit. Both girls then lay on their backs on the floor. Cassie went straight for Trixie’s tits. She licked them hungrily, just as Trixie had done to her. She then kissed down Trixie’s stomach, until she finally reached her blonde bush. Cassie’s head continued to move southward until it was between Trixie’s legs. Seconds later she eagerly licked her clit, and shoved her tongue in between her intimate lips. Trixie immediately moaned in pleasure at the sensual contact.

Cassie then maneuvered them into a 69 position. Trixie tongued her friend rapidly, determined to get her off soon. Eric then removed his shorts, and stroked his cock casually. Alan was unsure about doing the same with another guy just a couple feet away. Yet he was already fully hard, and his cock pressed hard against his pants. So he stripped and let it spring free. The girls stopped for a moment to watch the men play with themselves. Then they returned to their previous oral activity. The guys kept their hand motions at a steady pace, as not to finish too soon. The soft moans from the girls grew steadily louder with each passing moment.

“Oh yes!” Cassie screamed. “Trixie, you’re gonna make me cum with that tongue of yours!” Her slim body was then overtaken by a powerful orgasm. Trixie held her tightly around her waist, and stayed at it until Cassie reached second climax moments later. Just as Cassie’s orgasm ended, Trixie’s began. She trembled and shivered in delight until it was over. Eric stared in disbelief at the sight. There was his girl, the one that had been totally pure just 2 weeks ago. And now she had just made out with another woman. He had never seen a sight as erotic as the one she had just shown him. The girls then looked over at the guys. Their faces showed a mix of concentration and lust.

The women had just put on a sexy show, and the guys were obviously affected by it. It had taken all of their willpower not to join them. Alan found Trixie to be a very desirable girl, and realized the potential of their relationship. Then the two women walked over to them. Trixie went to Eric, and Cassie to Alan.

“We think you two suffered enough,” Cassie said as they pressed their bodies against them. Eric’s cock pressed against Trixie’s belly. However when Cassie rubbed herself against Alan’s throbbing erection, he grunted and shot his load all over her belly. Several spurts plastered their bodies together.

Cassie giggled. “Ooh, that feels good!” She then noticed his embarrassment and said, “Its ok. You were excited and ready for release. Here, let me clean you off.”

Cassie knelt down and licked the mess off of Alan’s belly, and then rubbed his cum that was on her belly into her soft skin. She then started to suck and lick the base of his still half erect cock. She also tenderly cupped his balls in her hand. Cassie then took them into her mouth. As she did that, she took his shaft in her hand, and gently stroked it. Then she slid her lips up the shaft, and then swallowed the entire length in one shot. Alan turned to look at Trixie, and saw her smiling back at him in approval. Cassie slowly sucked Alan’s cock as her right hand playfully massaged his balls, and her left hand cupped under his butt. Trixie’s hands stroked Eric’s cock in perfect tempo with Cassie’s blowjob.

“I think she wants to make him cum again,” Trixie said.

I know I will if you keep that up,” Eric replied.

“Oh you will huh?” Trixie said with a giggle. “Well, let’s just see about that!” She got on her knees and took Eric’s cock easily down her throat. She showed no mercy, and knew that Eric had to be near orgasm after her and Cassie’s show. The girls glanced at each other with an unspoken understanding as they pleasured each other’s men. They synchronized their actions in an effort to make both men finish at the same time.

“Oh yea Trixie, that feels so good,” Eric moaned. “Make me cum with that magical mouth!”

It wasn’t long before both men came, and the girls both eagerly swallowed. The guys had look of pure satisfaction on their faces, as their cocks started to go soft.

“That was unbelievable,” Alan said. He had enjoyed the blowjob from Trixie the day before. And now Cassie had done the same for him. It had been quite the weekend so far.

“You taste sweet,” Cassie told him with a smile on her face.”

“How long before you two are ready again?” Cassie asked the men. “Trixie and I are dying to be fucked.”

“I think we’ll need a short break,” Eric said.

Cassie said, “Come on Trixie; let’s get our studs something to reenergize them.”

As the girls headed to the kitchen, Alan considered the near future. He would be going back to work the next day, and Trixie would soon be going to college. He knew that their future as lovers would be short term at best. He was upset at himself for not attempting to make love to Trixie sooner. If he had, then maybe he would have been her 1st male lover, and not Eric. The women called for the guys to join them in the kitchen. They had laid out sandwiches, cheese, and orange juice on the table. As everyone enjoyed the snacks, the men knew that the women expected satisfaction afterwards, and they were more than willing to make that happen.

After they finished eating, the women went to the bedroom, with their guys’ right behind them. Trixie placed Alan’s cock in her mouth, and used her tongue to lick the head and shaft as she slid her mouth along its length. Eric went down on Cassie, and tasted her sweetness. He tongued her relentlessly until she started to squirm. Eric quickly found her clit and expertly nibbled at it. Cassie’s entire body trembled in pure delight as she rapidly achieved orgasm.

That’s when things turned bad. Alan had gotten carried away and grabbed Trixie’s hair roughly. Her oral skills had him fully hard, and he was trying to force her into something she was in no way ready for.

“I said NO Alan, and I mean NO!” she yelled out.

Alan had aggressively flipped her over on her belly, and tried to force his cock into her back entrance. Trixie tried to break free, but was no match for his strength. Eric knew he had to be stopped. He grabbed Alan, tossed him to the floor, and pinned him down. Tears filled Trixie’s eyes as Cassie hugged her tightly. Even though what Alan had tried, she did not want to see him hurt.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Eric asked Alan angrily. “Didn’t she tell you no?”

Alan struggled, but he knew there was no escape from the more powerful Eric. Once he settled down, Eric got off of him. Trixie wiped her eyes and went over to him.

“What happened to you? You were like a man possessed, and you hurt me, physically, and emotionally.”

“I don’t know why I crossed the line,” Alan said quietly. “And I am sorry for hurting you. I think I had better leave.”

Alan knew he had done wrong, and regretted it. He dressed without another word. Then he looked at Trixie once more.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, “I hope we can still be friends.”

“We’ll see,” she said.

Alan then left. Trixie could barely hold back her tears. She stood by the front window, and watched her boyfriend drive away. Her body trembled with shaken nerves from the recent events. And yet, even though it somehow felt wrong, she still had sexual desires. She was grateful that she had not been alone with Alan at that moment. She liked him, but was now also very afraid of him.

“Eric, I still need you to make love to me,” Trixie said, still visibly upset.

Eric kissed her gently, and traced her curvy breasts with his fingers. Trixie wrapped her hand around his cock, and quickly stroked it back to full erection. They kissed as tongues explored. Trixie’s breathing quickened as he kissed down towards her tits. Cassie watched as her husband placed his cock between the blonde’s legs. Trixie’s face showed a look of content as he filled her completely with his thickness. Eric used an easy in-and-out motion, with long deep strokes. Trixie moaned deeper with each thrust.

Despite the bad scene a short time ago, Trixie was able to reach a rather pleasant orgasm. At that moment, Eric shot his cum into her with great force. Cassie had been content to merely watch her husband make love to their neighbor. She knew how Trixie must have felt inside, and only wanted to let her receive the pleasure she so badly needed. Trixie soon dressed and headed for home. She decided not to stay overnight as invited, because she needed some time to think about what had occurred that evening.

Alone in her room, Trixie tried to sort out her feelings. Alan’s true nature had surfaced, and it had been very disturbing. She was envious of Cassie for having such a loving husband. She hoped with all her heart that she would find a man like that for herself.

And with the knowledge that she would be leaving for college before much longer, Trixie almost feared for the future. She rested her head on the bed pillow, and after more tears were shed, she finally fell asleep.

Will Trixie find a true love of her own? Find out in future chapters. If you liked this part, I would appreciate your comments.

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