Trixie's sexual life part 2  

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Trixie's sexual life part 2

Trixie rested in the shade of the oak tree in her back yard on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and recalled her times with Eric and Cassie. She had been with them a total of 3 times within the last 2 weeks. Each time they had brought her wonderful pleasures. She had learned that Eric was a 22 year old CPA, and that Cassie taught aerobics classes, and was 19. They had been married for just under a year. Her thoughts also drifted to her boyfriend Alan. He worked out of town during the week, and since Eric and Cassie were away for a few days, she felt lonely. She was unsure how to approach him about her adventures next door. Part of her assumed that since he knew she had been a virgin, then he would also expect to be her 1st lover. But if that was the case, he had certainly not showed any attempts to seduce her. She would have eagerly done it with him; all he had to do was ask. Just then, her cell phone rang.

“Hi, it’s Alan. I’m home for the weekend, and wanted to know if I could see you.”

“Sure! Come on over!”

Alan informed her that he would be there in about 30 minutes, and hung up. Trixie decided to change, and went to her room. She stripped and then put on a pretty red dress, with a white bra and panties. When the doorbell rang, she opened the door with a deep breath.

“Wow Trixie, you really look nice. Can I come in?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Do you still have feelings for me?” he asked right away.

“Well of course. You’re my boyfriend.”

Alan hesitated for a moment, and then told her, “Trixie, there was this girl, and she looked so good. I tried to tell her I had a girlfriend, but…well…I did it. I never meant to hurt you.”

“You did what?” Trixie asked with almost no emotion on her face.

“I’m really sorry,” Alan said. “I know it was wrong. I just could not help it.”

“But for the last few months, I have tried to get you to seduce me. Am I not pretty enough for you?”

“Trixie, you are gorgeous.”

“Well then, why did you fuck another girl?

“I have no good reason. I was a…a fool.”

“Yes you were, I don’t not how to take all this Alan.”

Trixie debated about telling him about her times with the neighbors, but decided against it for the moment. She remained silent for another couple minutes. When she felt he had suffered enough, she walked over and kissed him tenderly. Inside, she knew that forgiving him was the right thing. After what she had done with her neighbors, she really had no right to judge. And besides, now that he had tasted sex, he should be ready to do it with her. Trixie led him to her room, and snuggled with him on her bed for several minutes. Alan’s hands massaged her back, and he enjoyed the feeling of her tits pressed against his chest. Trixie unbuttoned his shirt, and roamed her hands inside, and over his smooth chest. At the same time, Alan reached over and caressed her full breasts. He then took hold of the straps of her dress, and slowly lowered them down her arms. Now her strapless white bra was all that covered her mounds of flesh. Without asking, Alan reached in front and unhooked her bra, and removed it. Her breasts bounced free, and her nipples were already hard.

“Kiss them, lover,” Trixie whispered. She then straddled him so he would have better access. He kissed and licked them slowly, and tenderly bit her nipples. After a few minutes, Trixie stood, and dropped her dress to the floor. In a second, her panties were gone as well, and she stood before him totally nude. And she fully intended to see him the same way.

“You like what you see?” she asked.

Alan could only smile in response, as he felt his cock get unbelievably hard. Trixie then undid his shirt, and then pulled his zipper down. She pulled his pants and boxers to his ankle, and for the 1st time, she saw his cock. He looked to be about 7 inches, the same size as Eric, but perhaps a little thicker. Trixie took it in her mouth as far as possible. In the few times she had been with Eric, she had never finished him off orally. She had been far too eager to have him inside. But this time, with Alan, she actually wanted to take it all the way. Like most girls when faced with taking a male orgasm orally, she wondered about the ending. How hard would he ejaculate? Could she swallow it all? What would it taste like?

She would soon find all that out. Alan’s hips trembled, and Trixie felt his cock pulse. She knew that the moment was at hand, and briefly considered switching to her hands. But then, without any further warning, streams of cum shot into her mouth, and she swallowed as fast as she could. She wondered if he would ever stop. But he did, and somehow she had managed to take every drop. Trixie then lovingly cleaned his shaft with her tongue.

Then she heard her dad’s car pull into the driveway and told Alan to quickly get dressed. As soon as the car entered the garage, and the door began to close, he promised to call her later that night, and then snuck out the back door of the house. Even at 18, Trixie knew her father would approve of her being sexually active under his roof. In fact, he fully expected her to remain innocent until her wedding night. She knew that someday, she may have to confess, and knew he would be let down. She thought perhaps that could be better done from college, and over the phone.

Shortly after 8PM, her bedroom phone rang. As she figured, it was Alan. Trixie was glad she had her own private line. At least her dad would not be able to listen in.

"Where are you Trixie?" Alan asked.

"I'm in my bedroom."

"That’s good. I’ve been thinking about what you did for me today. And well, I’m kind of…"

"Do you have an erection?"

”Yes, is that OK?” "Tell me what you are wearing?" Alan asked quietly.

"Nothing, I’m completely naked." Trixie replied. And she was.

“Wow Trixie, that is hot to picture in my mind. This conversation is turning me on...a lot!"

”Well Alan, I'm glad to know that your cock is hard. Just wish it is was possible for me to feel it.”

Trixie asked him to describe what had happened with the girl from work. Alan then told her how she had kissed him, and removed her top, and placed her soft breasts in his hands. Trixie listened as he told her everything. He told her of the 3 positions they did it in, and how she pleaded for him to cum inside of her. Part of her was jealous, and another part felt somehow turned on. Alan then complimented her on the fantastic blowjob she had done for him earlier that afternoon. It had been the only time anyone had swallowed his load.

“Well I am picturing your delicious cock in my mouth as play with your balls gently. Feeling you get harder and harder in my mouth. And just knowing how badly you would want to cum that way. Until finally you could not take anymore, and then you shoot your hot cum into my mouth and watch me as I lovingly accept every spurt."

“Oh wow Trixie. That sounds so nice."

"Are you playing with yourself Alan? I am, and I would love to hear what you when you cum. Will you please let me do that?"

"Sure am.” Alan replied. “Keep on playing with yourself, and I will try not to finish before you do.” He then the faint buzz of what he figured was her vibrator. That sound was accompanied by her soft moans.

"Oh Alan, this feels so good. Knowing that you're listening to me really excites me."

“Keep jerking off slowly Alan, and if you have to climax, then do it."

Trixie's breathing became more labored as she moved towards that point of pleasure that every woman needed. She could vividly picture Alan stroking his hard cock, and wished she could actually be there to see him spurt. She held her 6 inch vibrator completely inside, and circled her hips slowly to increase the stimulation greatly. She knew that it would not take long at all to get herself off. She also realized that she needed to stay as quiet as possible, since her dad was just 2 rooms down the hall. She assumed that he figured she masturbated. But then again, maybe he didn’t. He still thought of his little girl as a virgin. And just over a month ago, she had been. Even at that, she had enjoyed self pleasure for almost 2 years. She could tell by Alan’s breathing that he was also close to orgasm.

"This is really making me....not sure how much longer I can hold myself back from...cummming," Alan told her. By that point both were having difficulty speaking between pants and moans. Between her breaths, Trixie begged Alan to cum for her. That was all he needed to hear.

"Oh Trixie, Yea…I'm cumming…!” Alan called out. “It's spurting all over me. I wish you were here with me."

Trixie’s fingers worked even more rapidly. She wanted to finish fast and hard. Alan then heard the unmistakable sounds of Trixie’s orgasm. She breathed heavily into the phone as her climax rocked her body. It took several minutes before either of them recovered enough to resume conversation.

"Whew that was good,” Trixie finally said. “I'm still catching my breath.”

“Yea me too, that felt awesome.”

They spoke a few more moments, and then hung up to get some well deserved sleep. Trixie looked forward to seeing Alan the next day, and truly planned on feeling him inside her.

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