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"I haven't had sex." she said quite matter of fact. "Ever. . .I'm a virgin."

C was not my wife's cousin, but they grew up together in Atlanta. And their parents always referred to them as such until C's mother decided they were no longer 'related'.

We visited C the previous year and spent New Years, 1983, at her mother's house in Atlanta. This sprawl of a house was located not far from the Governor's Mansion. Her two male friends talked liked characters from an Uncle Remus story.

"I declares. . ." were heard ad nausium.

Much had changed the previous year. We nearly divorced and, on one pivitol night, during our separation, she met two 19 year old boys and had a threesome in one of the empty apartments in our complex. Rather than drive me away, it intrigued me.

A few nights went by and the four of us were in our apartment. Well, not really! One of the fellows from the threesome was present. The fellow he brought that night was his cousin, who also claimed to be a virgin.

I took her in the next room and proceeded to make love to her. She knew the two fellows could hear us, but didn't care.

They began looking in the room, seeing me inside her. Nervous about coming in. Eventually, we gave the nod that all was clear, and they were naked with us. Four in a bed!

C was turned on by our story and thought we had orgies every night! Would that had been the case! Her male companions, obviously gay, never thought of making a move.

"Do you have a bedroom?" I asked.

C led me to her mother's bedroom. She gently let the door close behind us. Before she had time to object, or worse, before we began that 'small talk' that ultimately leads to nowhere. . .I grabbed her. My tongue practically rammed down her throat.

Swiftly realizing this was not the move to take, I backed off!

My lips were gentle on hers. They parted. Then her tongue rammed into mine with all the force of a fire truck!

I threw her on the bed and crawled on top of C.

More rough kissing. I pulled her shirt up. Her breasts nearly gushed from her bra. She gave me a look that said 'oh, my!',

Before anything could be said, I pulled her bra aside. Her nipples exposed. Pointing up. . .begging. Was I the first to suck those rose petals? Who knows?

I quickly unbuttoned her jeans. Pulling them half-way down, then pushing them off with my feet because I didn't want anything interfering with my eating her.

She obviously wasn't used to this, because her eyes bulged when I went down and proceed to dine at the 'Y'.

When I was finished, I entered her, but noticed she was still wearing her top.

"Now, we must do something about this shirt!"

Eventually, she was naked. . .and nailed. . .for my cock was in her the entire time of her undress. . .

We were virgins in our own way. It was over much too quickly!

Her hand moved between my legs.

My cock still rested in her young vagina as her nimble fingers performed magic on both of us. I brushed her sandy hair away. The kisses became more gentle. More passionate.

We lasted longer, and, dare I say, the South rose again!

Virgin or no?

Y ask Y?

NOTE: this post was nearly deleted, so I had to change it. Not quite sure why, so let me at least state that everyone in the above story was 18 years and older!

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4/17/2005 2:21 am

I think the 'virgins in our own way' says it nicely. Aren't we all virgins when being with someone for the first time... finding out what they like - or dislike... trying out some new things maybe... *sighz*

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not into blogging,but wanted to say you have the most mesmerizing set of blue eyes i've seen on a man with such a deep color base skin..
The head tilt is a turn on also..wink
And your ability to express yourself is quite warming also.....keep up the good seem to b enjoying yourself emensly

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