creating a network. . .THINK NOT!  

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3/27/2005 7:19 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

creating a network. . .THINK NOT!

I'm feeling, literally and figuratively, my way around AdultFriendFinder. My ultimate goal is to have monthly parties at various places around Southern California. Have visited swing parties and took notes. However, I'm not the kinda guy that needs lots of people! Plus, more people just means more trouble for me. Maybe just a 'possee of people' to visit 'other people's parties'! Need a crowd? Call me! Hmmm. . .that could be a goal.

Gave a party at the Queen Mary last week. It was not a swing party. It was an art exhibit for a friend of mine who created 'Erotic Playing Cards and Other Gambles'. We had entertainment, a belly dancer, some impromptu dancing, and about 30 to 50 people showed up. I'm quite happy with that!

I thought about creating a network, and putting pics of my QM party up, but my last AdultFriendFinder experiences included meeting many women who don't particularly care about Networks and Pictures. If anything, it seemed to be a turnoff. I can't tell you how many times I went on a date, only to have a woman remark about, "All these men who keep inviting me to their networks. What's the point?"

So, I've decided not to go the network route. If anyone wants to see pics of my QM party, drop me a line!

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