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3/29/2005 2:36 pm

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If you received a 'wink' from me, it's because I'm testing the waters. There might be just one thing in your profile that says 'look elsewhere', while everything else screams, "Yep, I'm for you!"

Or, I might have e-mailed you previously, before AdultFriendFinder included blogs. And I'm hoping that after reading the blogs, you might reconsider me. Through the blogs, you're seeing something more important: what's goin' on in my head!

There might be something about your profile that indicates it might be out of date. You *might* not even be a member! Or, you let your membership lapse. Why write a long letter to someone not even a member?

There are the picky things. For instance: I might prefer women 35-42, but if a woman aged 43 or 34 came along, and was everything I'm looking for save one, I'm not going to be too fussy about that standard! In the event you're the same way, that's why I'm winking.

I can't tell you how many times I've sent, what I thought, were well planned, well written e-mails, only to receive a pithy, or no, response. So, if I write, it's because I'm thinking, "Wow! There's a chance!"

If e-mail's aren't answered though, and I'm sensing some distance, yet feel the need to test the waters in case it might be the real deal, I will wink.

keithcancook 60M
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3/29/2005 5:37 pm

I am not sure how these little winkies work. I am still a bit new. But in the week that I have been here I have been winked at 3x. When I responded with a thankyou I never heard anything else. While three is not a large enough number for me to make some sort of conclusion, in the end it seems to me like a lazy way of trying to meet someone. It's like "I sort of find you interesting, but not enough to take time out to actually talk to you through an e-mail.

keithcancook 60M
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3/29/2005 5:40 pm

I wanted to add that one of those winks was from a fellow blogger who was being polite. In that case I think it is not being lazy but rather one of being nice.

adelitafan 55M

3/30/2005 6:29 am

That's too easy! I write three paragraphs or more, and put thought into 'em. When I visit a page and see the last visit was 3 to 5 months ago, there's a good reason to assume you're not going to get an answer.

It's not laziness. I'm just not writing lengthy answers to someone who puts a one sentence description and then actually expects a lengthy reply.

adelitafan 55M

3/30/2005 6:56 am

One more thing: Lazy? This is the AdultFriendFinder! Anything involving the internet and dating isn't exactly going out to a nightclub and trying to pick someone up. Anyone who thinks they're going to get one response for every letter they send out is sadly mistaken. While I read a lot of women's profiles saying 'I'm getting swamped with e-mails', most men,on the other hand, have to send out a couple dozen e-mails before we'll get even *ONE* response from a spammer asking us for our e-mail address.

You won't hear this from a lot of men, btw. The illusion must be kept up.

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