Remembering last night. . .  

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3/5/2006 3:43 pm

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Remembering last night. . .

She is turned against me. I can see the blue dolphins tattooed at the small of her back. My palms land on her hip. My fingers dig into her flesh. Tight. I'm already inside, so I thrust, and with each move, the dolphin jumps up.

My gaze turns to her black hair, with small blonde rivers of light cascading down her back. I make a ball of her hair, and grip 'em in my hands. I pull. Her head is firm, defying the pain.

This is a figure I had seen only in statues or in books. Now, she is in the flesh. Pulling the mane of the goddess! Toppling divinity from her lofty pedestal for nothing less than thrills and debauchery.

The goddess does not give in, even when on her knees pleasuring me. Her thick halogen lips kissing the tip, while her pierced tongue licks up and down to the base of my shaft. Enjoying every curve of the flesh.

Her eyes never leave mine.

"Give not thy strength to woman, neither thy ways to that which destroyeth kings." say the Proverbs.

You want my strength? You think she can steal my soul by letting your tongue have it's way with me? It is just a pleasure! You will not steal my essence. I will not give my strength to you!

My hands grab her neck and my mouth rests on her throat. A lick, and. . .thankful for every kiss and luv bite I left on that delectable body

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