Power Through Sex. . .  

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3/28/2005 4:38 pm

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Power Through Sex. . .

This is one of those things that come from experience, and conversations, that finally cause one to hit themselves on the forehead and go, "Doh! I coulda' had a V8!"

This last year on AdultFriendFinder I've noticed a theme with the women I have been dating. Every one, to a 'T', has spoken about *FINALLY* being able to fulfill sexual fantasies. And then, the conversation gears toward "What in the world is wrong with having a 3-some? Or a different person every night? Or being in an orgy? Etc. . ."

I agree, "Nothing, hooray for you for embracing your rights!"

However, this is a conversation I had with myself years ago. I felt all the 'what is wrong' questions were people asking permission to do something that are probably still afraid to do. Yet, what I didn't grasp, until recently, is the more you're able to fulfill your sexual fantasies, the more of a 'I won't take anymore shit' attitude you wind up possessing!

In other words, you might find yourself going, "They said I couldn't, but I did! And it was good! And I liked it! And nothing's going to stand between me and my libido again!" And you might think you're just talking about sex, but your subconscious is saying something different.

It's saying, "Now that you won't take shit in the sex department, you won't take shit in any other department as well!"

I could do a rant about 'sex magick', etc. But I kinda like what Anton La Vey, founder of the Church of Satan, said: "Those who spell magic with a 'K' can't". Nevertheless, some kinda of interesting psychological change happens inside the minds of those who take their sex lives into their own hands. Such people, it seems, open themselves to glorious victory or spectacular defeat.

Exhilarating and fun, yes! But a power that must be respected. . .

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