My tattoo does not say  

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4/2/2005 12:12 pm

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My tattoo does not say

Had a dream last night that I just remembered, so I told a friend about it and we had a good laugh.

I was in Florida visiting my mom and cousins. All these are people from whom I have many secrets to hide! For some reason, I was tired and removed my shirt to take a nap. In doing so, I revealed the tattoos on my arm. One of a woman I actually knew, and the tattoo was made from her photo. The other of a golden ankh.

My family is comprised of latent fundamentalist Christians, mind you. They frown on this sort of thing. I noticed their disapproval, but somehow explained my way out of this situation.

When I was last up there, I made sure my shirt sleeves were pulled down a respectable length. This is not shame. This is trying to avoid making bad situations worse.

It's too bad I can't remember the speech I made in my dream. I may need to make that speech one day! Perhaps I'll just tell them about my dream?

My uncles had tattoos, but they had an excuse. They were in the military and their tattoos said 'Mother'. I was not in the military, and my tattoo does not say 'Mother'!

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